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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Game Boy Pocket Seriously Distracting

This Game Boy Pocket Ad Is Seriously Distracting (and Seriously Disturbing)

In early 1997, Nintendo ran the following Game Boy Pocket ad in Loaded, FHM, and Viz magazines: In this ad, we see a woman tied to a bed with a [insert emotion here] look on her face. While the agency responsible for the ad (Leo Burnett) filled in that blank with “frustrated” (due to being ignored), many readers found the word “terrified” to be more appropriate. After several complaints, the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) asked Nintendo to withdraw the ad.…
Bill and Ted

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 38] : Keanu Reeves Would Be Like, “What?”

This week, we chat about a recent cooking mishap, then break into some fortune cookies before the Rev endorses the Kung Fu Panda movie. That doesn’t seem all that strange until you realize that we’re the podcast who told you you’re not allowed to list The Shawshank Redemption as your favorite movie. We also don’t like E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. But we do love video games, even licensed ones, so we talk about those after the break. What was the earliest licensed game we could find? Why are licensed games typically so bad? Were licensed games the root cause of the video game crash of 1983? We also dig into advergames, though we can’t figure out where the animosity between snakes and Skittles started, nor can we tell whether the world loves or hates Yo!…
Wings out of Shadow

Baen Software Rose and Fell While Barely Making a Sci-Fi Splash

The name Baen has been associated with science fiction since at least 1983, when Jim Baen founded Baen Books (and maybe even before that, since he’d worked as an editor for various publications beginning in about 1973). What many people don’t know, however, is that Jim was also involved in video game publishing, having created Baen Software in 1979. The first game they published was Starclash, released exclusively for TRS-80 computers in 1980. The object of the game was to wrestle control of the galaxy from your computer or real-life opponent. A sequel, Starclash II, was released for MS-DOS in 1983. At first, Baen exclusively published games, but they teamed with sci-fi author Fred Saberhagen to start a development studio, Berserker Works, in 1982.…
Half-Glass Gaming Sci-Fi

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 37] : I’ve Read the Back of Ringworld Several Times

The Reverend has recently returned from MarsCon, a Minneapolis-area science fiction convention, which gets the whole gang into a sci-fi mood. Josh realizes the sci-fi short story contest he entered back in 2010 is far more prestigious than he’d ever imagined before we get into the nitty gritty of what we think Scientology might be. Note: We’re not willing to guarantee the accuracy of any of our information about Scientology, even if the Rev DID attend a recruitment event a long time ago. After the break, we explore the early days of video games, when sci-fi was a part of just about everything and Baen was publishing games instead of books (more on that here). We also talk about real science, debate sub-genres, and take a look at games that don’t typically get labelled as sci-fi even though they absolutely are.…
Hiroyuki Kobayashi

Capcom Releases Hiroyuki Kobayashi Interview to Celebrate Resident Evil’s 20th Anniversary

March 22, 2016 marked the 20th anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise. In honor of two decades of RE games (and movies), Capcom released an interview with producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who’s been a part of the series since the beginning. He later served a producer role on the GameCube remake, as well as Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 6, and — this may surprise you — he was also involved in the movies starting with the second installment. If you’re interested in the history of the franchise at all, you should absolutely check out the full video below. If you don’t speak Japanese, you’ll have to turn CC on to see the subtitles.…
Boba Fett

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 36] : The Berlin Interpretation

We kick off this episode all full of fury, as Josh has quite a bit to say about bumper stickers. If you thought our billboards conversation back in Episode 11 was intense, buckle up! We’ve even got the origin story of the “My other car is a _____” bumper stickers. We also touch on Ayn Rand’s obsession with the color yellow, Bronson Pinchot’s glory days (the 1980s), and the mysterious allure of Steve Buscemi. And before we settle in, we recommend a little indie game called Siralim. After the break, we dig deep into the roguelike video game genre, which is unique in that a congress of game developers actually met in Berlin to create a hard definition for the term.…
Stardew Valley Truffle

Stardew Valley: Truffle Guide

In Stardew Valley, it might not be immediately clear where you can find truffles or what to do once you have one, and several players have been confused about this. So here’s a super quick guide to help you solve the mystery of truffles. To acquire truffles, you must have at least one adult pig. In order to get one of those, you’ll have to have at least one Deluxe Barn, which is the third tier of Barn. (You’ll have to go to the Carpenter’s Shop and upgrade your Barn to a Big Barn, then your Big Barn to a Deluxe Barn.) Once your Deluxe Barn upgrade is complete, you can visit Marnie’s Ranch (south of your farm) to buy a pig.…
Sticks to Snakes W

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 35] : Sticks to Snakes W

We’re back, and we’re sounding better than ever! Our audio issues have been taken care of and our voices sound clear and crisp. It’s a good time to be alive, folks. To warm things up, Julian tells tales of his sick dog’s miraculous recovery and his rap career (Julian’s rap career, not his dog’s). The Reverend hits another Skyrim milestone. Josh talks trash about GoDaddy (GoDaddy really is the worst) and then rejoices in the greatness of Stardew Valley (which is a much better way to spend your time than being on the phone with GoDaddy customer service). Mandi sheds some light on the Fire Emblem controversy, which is a hot topic right now. When we return from the break, we have an informative conversation about the history of video game localization.…
Stardew Valley Wagon

Stardew Valley: 16 Tips for Beginners

Stardew Valley seems like a pretty simple game at first, but once you dig in you’ll find a deceptively complex, deeply layered experience. In my first save file, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how things worked, and by the time I made it to Fall, I had learned an enormous amount of information that, had I known it when I started the game, would have saved me a lot of time and headaches. So I started over and had a very successful first year. Below is a list of things I wish I’d have known sooner: Turn on Autorun Yes, you can enable autorun in the options menu. It will save you from cramping your pinky finger by holding down Left Shift all the time.…
Stardew Valley Spirit Festival

Stardew Valley: Calendar of Important Dates

In Stardew Valley, there are several dates you’ll want to keep in mind as you farm your way through the seasons. You can find most of these dates on the calendar outside of Pierre’s shop (you can also buy a calendar for yourself), but there are some events that aren’t listed. Here is a list of the important dates in Stardew Valley: Spring Spring 4 – Spring onions are in season Spring 5 (Year 1) – The mine opens Spring 7 – Lewis’ birthday Spring 10 – Vincent’s birthday Spring 13 – Egg Festival Spring 14 – Haley’s birthday Spring 15 – Salmonberries are ripe Spring 18 – Pam’s birthday Spring 20 – Shane’s birthday Spring 24 – Flower Dance Spring 26 – Pierre’s birthday Spring 27 – Emily’s birthday Summer Summer 1 (Year 1) – An earthquake opens up the path to the spa Summer 4 – Jas’ birthday Summer 8 – Gus’ birthday Summer 10 – Maru’s birthday Summer 11 – Luau Summer 12 – Crab mating season, causing an unusually large amount of shells to wash up on the beach Summer 13 – Alex’s birthday Summer 17 – Sam’s birthday Summer 19 – Demetrius’ birthday Summer 22 – Dwarf’s birthday Summer 24 – Willy’s birthday Summer 28 – Dance of the Moonlight Jellies Fall Fall 2 – Penny’s birthday Fall 4 – Blackberry season begins (though you might not see any berries ripen until about the 8th) Fall 5 – Elliott’s birthday Fall 11 – Jodi’s birthday Fall 13 – Abigail’s birthday Fall 15 – Sandy’s birthday Fall 16 – Stardew Valley Fair Fall 18 – Marnie’s birthday Fall 21 – Robin’s birthday Fall 24 – George’s birthday Fall 27 – Spirit’s Eve Winter Winter 3 – Linus’ birthday Winter 7 – Caroline’s birthday Winter 8 – Festival of Ice Winter 10 – Sebastian’s birthday Winter 14 – Harvey’s birthday Winter 17 – Wizard’s birthday Winter 20 – Evelyn’s birthday Winter 23 – Leah’s birthday Winter 25 – Feast of the Winter Star Winter 26 – Clint’s birthday…
Star Wars Toys Jakku

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 34] : Dear Diary, Today I Got Bit in the Face by a Wolf (Low-Fi)

We apologize once again for the low sound quality; we spent this episode hiding out in our survival bunker where our technology was limited. And, speaking of survival, we’ve got a great episode for you about the survival game genre. Before that, though, we talk through some of our recent television-watching habits and try to figure out why people like The Big Bang Theory so damn much. Even Stephen Hawking is apparently pro-Big Bang Theory, and he’s a genius, so we’re willing to admit that we might be the ones who are wrong on that (no we’re not). We also talk about real-life camping as opposed to camping in Tomb Raider, as well as solving wolf and deer murders in The Witcher 3.…
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