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Daily Archives: April 20, 2016

Box Art Documentary

Video Game Box Art Documentary Lands on Kickstarter

We’ve compiled a fairly robust history of Mega Man box art, and we’ve dived into some of the stories behind Atari’s box art philosophy; clearly, we’re very much into video game box art here at Retrovolve. On April 19, 2016, a Kickstarter project appeared that’s very exciting to box art addicts. Box Art – A Gaming Documentary is a documentary by award-winning filmmaker Robert McCallum that explores the history behind those images on your game cases. (Is that Color a Dinosaur we see in the image above? Why yes, yes it is!) The Kickstarter page promises answers to such questions as: But who created those images? Why was it on a box? Why did some games have different covers in different parts of the world?…
Half Glass Gaming Lego

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 41] : An Obsession You Need to LEGO

Why is the gang so tired this week? Probably because Josh and Mandi helped the Reverend move into a new apartment, while Julian got all excited about biking. We tell you all about that before reminiscing about childhoods filled with tree houses, video games, and LEGO bricks, which transitions well into our topic for the week. We come back from the break ready to fill your head with factoids about the LEGO video game series. What was the first LEGO game? (Hint: It wasn’t LEGO Star Wars.) Why did it take so long for LEGO games to become a thing? Why has the franchise become so popular? What are our personal favorite games in the series? Plus, we’ve got some info on LEGO games that died in development, wishes for a LEGO Die Hard game, and the definition of Poop Dunk (sort of).…
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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
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Pokemon Nintendo Power
Nintendo Power Predicted a “Pokémon Trade War” in 1998