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Monthly Archives: May 2016

The Duke of Lancaster's Arcade Haul

The Duke of Lancaster Ship Contained a Treasure Trove of Arcade Machines

For some, finding a long-forgotten arcade machine and getting it into the hands of a collector who will care for it can be a thrilling experience. Few arcade excavations (or arcade raids, as The Arcade Blogger‘s Tony Temple calls them) can match the bounty that Oliver Moazzezi found inside The Duke of Lancaster, a ship that’s been resting in Llanerch-y-Mor, North Wales since 1979. The ship, once a pleasure cruiser, held over 50 arcade cabinets just waiting for someone like Moazzezi to find them a loving home. The Arcade Blogger did a very thorough article that documents the whole process, from finding the cabinets to getting them out of the ship, and it’s fascinating. We definitely recommend checking it out.…
Not a Michael Bay Transformer

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 45] : Not a Michael Bay Transformer

We’ve come to the end of the road, folks; this is the final episode of the Half-Glass Gaming podcast. We kick things off with a bang, as Josh delivers the grand finale in his ongoing saga of hearing things outside his bedroom window. We then get into murder in Minneapolis, wild foxes, and the wonder of video game toilets, before checking in on Uncharted 4, Survival Mode in Fallout 4, and baby-making anime video games. We bring you up to speed on why the podcast is coming to an end before getting into Geralt’s genitalia in The Witcher 3, which brings us right back to where Half-Glass Gaming began. But even with all this emotional hubub, we didn’t want to end the show without some cold hard facts, so we dig into our last topic: the history of video game advertisements.…
Half Glass Gaming 44

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 44] : Can’t Get Taste like That in the Big House

It’s been a long time coming, folks, but our Final Fantasy episode is finally here. Before we get into all that business, though, we discuss Prison Ted’s Super Subs and Mandi’s obsession with nature documentaries. She’s got a fistful of factoids straight out of the animal kingdom, and she’s dropping some mad science about panda poop and narwhal horns. After the break, we dive into the history of the original Final Fantasy game for the Famicom, and we explain how the numbering system for later games in the series got so confusing in the United States. We also dissect Final Fantasy VII to try to figure out how it changed the game, and we follow the series through the decline of Squaresoft and the emergence of Square Enix.…
Half-Glass Gaming - I'm the Problem

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 43] : I’m the Problem

We start off this week’s discussion by catching up on the Reverend’s wrestling career. Yes, that means we’ve got some more Wasserman anecdotes, as well as some stuff to say about Hulk Hogan. We spend a bit of time exploring Fallout: New Vegas versus Fallout 3 and 4 before diving into Far Cry Primal, which Josh and Julian have been really into lately. But hold on a second; did Far Cry Primal reuse a whole bunch of assets from Far Cry 4? That leads us to our topic of the day: asset reuse in video games. Mandi brings us on a factoid-filled adventure, walking us through the strange history of asset reuse. We talk through Capcom’s long history of reusing their character sprites, how Nintendo’s Yakuza ties may have aided them in their battle against The Great Giana Sisters, the origins of Yo!…
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