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Daily Archives: May 4, 2016

Half-Glass Gaming - I'm the Problem

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 43] : I’m the Problem

We start off this week’s discussion by catching up on the Reverend’s wrestling career. Yes, that means we’ve got some more Wasserman anecdotes, as well as some stuff to say about Hulk Hogan. We spend a bit of time exploring Fallout: New Vegas versus Fallout 3 and 4 before diving into Far Cry Primal, which Josh and Julian have been really into lately. But hold on a second; did Far Cry Primal reuse a whole bunch of assets from Far Cry 4? That leads us to our topic of the day: asset reuse in video games. Mandi brings us on a factoid-filled adventure, walking us through the strange history of asset reuse. We talk through Capcom’s long history of reusing their character sprites, how Nintendo’s Yakuza ties may have aided them in their battle against The Great Giana Sisters, the origins of Yo!…
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