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Monthly Archives: February 2017

stardew valley switch

Stardew Valley Console Multiplayer Will Be on the Nintendo Switch First

Since Stardew Valley was released, fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of its multiplayer mode. Now, more than a year after the game’s initial release, multiplayer is headed to consoles and PCs. Surprisingly, the multiplayer functionality will be making its console debut on the Nintendo Switch. During Nintendo’s “Nindies Showcase” presentation (which can be viewed on the company announced that Stardew Valley multiplayer will be debuting on the Switch this summer. According to Nintendo, it will be the first console to support Stardew Valley‘s multiplayer mode. ConcernedApe, the game’s developer, has confirmed that Stardew Valley co-op will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well. @EmotionalDaisy yes, I think it will come to Xbox and PS4 about 1 month after Switch — ConcernedApe (@ConcernedApe) February 28, 2017 He also clarified that while the Switch would be the first console to get multiplayer, it will still be coming to PC first. Just to clarify: the Switch Stardew Valley multiplayer announcement DOES NOT mean that PC will get multiplayer later.…

Remastered Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Coming to PC with Multiplayer

The folks at Night Dive Studios have confirmed a remastered version of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil will be hitting PCs on March 16, 2017. This isn’t incredibly surprising, as the studio released a slightly touched up version of the original  Turok: Dinosaur Hunter on December 17, 2015, and it’s been assumed for a while now that Turok 2 would follow. But what is surprising is the addition of multiplayer. Night Dive has added a new gameplay mode called “Last Turok Standing,” which, according to a press release, will let players “battle with friends for an even more visceral gaming experience.” It sounds like a pretty standard deathmatch, but its addition is a welcome one for anybody who’s ever wanted to use Turok‘s assortment of sci-fi guns on their friends (digitally, of course). I actually spent a good deal of time with Night Dive’s remaster of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.…
GoldenEye 007

The Making of GoldenEye 007

GoldenEye 007 for the N64 is a landmark game that solidified the 4-player multiplayer shooter genre. It was a staple of dorm rooms and living rooms across the nation at the end of the 1990s. On September 2, 2004, Martin Hollis, director and producer of the game, delivered a long speech about the development process at the 2004 European Developers Forum. Below is a full transcript of the speech, courtesy of the now-defunct site Zoonami. Picture the scene: It’s E3. June 1997. GoldenEye the movie came out an embarrassing 2 years ago. The next Bond film has already finished shooting. It’s called Tomorrow Never Dies. It will be released in a few months. The world’s most famous FPS, Doom is ancient history.…
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