A Link to the Past Is the Definitive Legend of Zelda Game

Now, when we think of The Legend of Zelda, we think of a lot of things. There’s the dungeon crawling, the magical items, and, of course, the mcguffin hunting. But when you boil down the series into its base parts, I think it becomes obvious that A Link to the Past is what we think of when we think of The Legend of Zelda.

That’s not to say it’s the best Legend of Zelda game. It’s my personal favorite, but “best” is a really subjective term and I’d never try to tell anyone that they’re wrong about their own favorite. What I mean when I say “definitive” is that it most clearly sums up what a Legend of Zelda game has to be in order to be a game of that series.

link to the pastIt defined the way the series would do dungeon crawling, as well as the way the series would lay out its enemies. It also showcased the story that would become the cornerstone for every Legend of Zelda game since.

So next time someone asks what a Legend of Zelda game has to be in order to be a Legend of Zelda game, sit them down in front of A Link to the Past.

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    It truly is, it truly is. That game is timeless. I kind of hope they give the base game the “Link Between Worlds” visual upgrade treatment and add the Ancient Stone Tablets to it at some point. This together with Four Swords would be awesome on the WiiU.

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