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Princess Shokora - Wario Land 4

Whatever Happened to Princess Shokora from Wario Land 4?

In Wario Land 4 for GBA, Wario sets out to an ancient pyramid to make a quick buck,not knowing that he’s being accompanied by the ex-princess of the pyramid, Princess Shokora. The princess is trapped in the form of a black cat for most of the game, but she’s eventually turned back into her true form by Wario. What you might not have noticed is that during each boss stage the black cat runs into an “Items Shop” where she transforms into a Game & Watch-type character who sells Wario items to help defeat the boss. So it’s inferred that this character is actually Shokora, and she’s helping Wario overthrow the baddies in her pyramid. Throughout the game, Shokora takes the form of ten different characters, giving her a hefty representation in the game’s character list.…
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