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Half-Glass Gaming: Pirates on a Sea of Milk

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 23] : Pirates on a Sea of Milk

This week, we briefly chat about some PS4 accessories — including the wonderful 20th Anniversary PlayStation controller — before we race toward our true topic of the week: Mega Man. Josh and the Reverend try to explain the series to Julian, who’s still a little wet behind the ears on this whole Mega Man thing, and they realize they’ve undertaken a monumental task. Perhaps the countless iterations of the Blue Bomber that we’ve seen over the years are best left unexplained? Plus, Mandi tells us all about a game called Cocoron, made by the original Mega Man producer — who, you might be surprised to learn, was not Keiji Inafune. She also tells us about a game called Sweet Fuse that was made by Inafune and features Inafune’s niece as a playable character.…
Half-Glass Gaming Whale Sauce

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 22] : Whale Sauce

We’re feeling a little sassy this week, as we talk about movies that, despite being good, aren’t allowed to be your favorites. Warning: There’s a fairly decent chance we’ll pick on your favorite movie — especially if your name is Rotten Tomatoes. But we’re not picking fights here; it’s all in good fun. After the break, we don our proverbial wetsuits and splish splash into a conversation about underwater levels in video games. We have a wide array of opinions on such things, from the Rev’s unbridled hatred of water-themed platforming to Mandi’s fathomless love of deep-sea exploration. We talk about the games that got it wrong, games that got it right, and games that have very little to do with water at all.…
witcher 3 yennefer

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 21] : But Worst of All Was the Unicorn

In this episode, we look back at the sheer insanity of November, 2015. Josh explains failure at NaNoWriMo and the origin of the Call of Duty franchise before the gang jumps into a pretty extensive conversation on Fallout 4. It’s first-person vs. third-person, Skyrim vs. every other Bethesda game, polyamory vs. monogamy, and Piper vs. everyone in the world besides Josh. Of course, we’ve finally acquired a few decks of Gwent cards, so we talk about that as well. Even though we’ve managed to mention The Witcher 3 in every episode of this podcast so far besides one, we still manage to dig into some new territory with Hearts of Stone, the upcoming Witcher movie, Yennefer as a hunchback, and sex atop a stuffed unicorn.…

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 20] : We’ve Been Drinking Cupcakes

In an unusual turn of events, the Reverend ends up being the most sober member of the gang after Mandi serves up cupcakes that are practically drenched in alcohol. This lack of inhibition allows for topics like culinary school remorse, butt blisters, and passionate hatred for “The cake is a lie” non-jokes. After the break, we celebrate the All-American turkey feast that is Thanksgiving by talking food, libations, and illicit substances. We explore food as the go-to video game power-up, the mayonnaise-based origin story of the Cooking Mama series, Josh’s short-lived obsession with Nom Nom Galaxy, the Pork Bun Guy from Sleeping Dogs, and sooooo much Persona 4. We also talk realistic cooking vs. crafting-style cooking, whatever the hell pieces of water are, and the frustratingly wonderful Don’t Starve.…
Amiibo Collection

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 19] : Amiiboversary

This week, our pre-break off-topic conversation is a rapid-fire lightning round, as the Rev explains polyamory, Mandi explains her love of clothing with animals on it, and Julian watches a bunch of Christopher Nolan movies and invents a new line of underwear. After the break, the gang celebrates the one-year anniversary of the first wave of amiibo figures by updating listeners on the current sitch. Apparently, Josh and Mandi have had some recent luck in finding rare figures, and they’ve even acquired a few of the elusive amiibo cards. Just how much do those damn cards cost to produce anyway? We don’t know, but that won’t stop us from arguing about it. Of course, we wouldn’t want to just rehash Episode 3: Amiibo Sandwich Blues for 45 minutes, because our loyal listeners deserve so much more than that.…
I Have the Spirit of a Canadian

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 18] : I Have the Spirit of a Canadian

This week, Josh updates listeners on his noises-outside-his-window situation and Julian tells the world about his comedy team Sparkle Picnic (as well as his butt), which leads us to the strange little world of improv comedy, public access TV, and flagrant misuse of the word “ironic.” After the break, we dive into indie gaming. We’ve got the goods on retro indie games, including one of the strangest games all four podcast members have played, Girlfriend Construction Set. We explore the roots of indie games, from college campuses in the 1960s and 1970s to the weird beginnings of id Software. At this point, “indie” starts getting harder to define. Is Doom actually an indie game? How about No Man’s Sky? Also, religious games, Kickstarter, PS4 dev kits, Color a Dinosaur (again), the drug-induced origin of shareware, Half-Life mods, and Josh’s obsession with a Revolutionary War FPS that uses “Yankee Doodle” as its entire soundtrack.…

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 17] : Kaizeru-Hige

This week, a flashback to Ren Fest triggers a conversation about facial hair. Does Josh’s beard resemble Geralt of Rivia’s or Joel’s from The Last of Us? How do The Witcher 3‘s facial hair mechanics work? What is the history of facial hair in Japan? How do you say “handlebar mustache” in Japanese? You’ve got questions; Mandi has answers. Of course, all this beards ‘n’ stashes talk is merely a prelude, and the real fun begins when we dive into the history of JRPGs. Where did the term JRPG come from (and is it even an accurate term)? Were most Japanese RPG studios originally making pornographic video games? Why does Mandi hate Mass Effect so much (which isn’t even a JRPG)?…
Sexy Sriracha Cheerleader

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 16] : Sexy Sriracha Cheerleader Person of Things

With the spookiest of holidays approaching, the gang gathers around a warm mic to examine the trend of sexy Halloween costumes, like they’ve come from watchmygf adult look at this site for sexy Halloween costume ideas (adults only). Once that business has been addressed, we share tales from Halloweens past, as the Rev scares children, Julian almost gets a doppelganger, Josh’s car catches fire, and Mandi dresses up as a delicious dessert. After the break, we come back with our favorite video game urban legends, scary moments in scary games, and all sorts of other creepy, crawly fun. Yes, this includes Ben Drowned, Lavender Town Syndrome, Herobrine, and more! Don’t wait until after Halloween to catch this episode; we’ll be out of candy by then. Keep the conversation spooky by contacting us on Twitter.…
Star Wars Boy Band

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 15] : A Freaking Sci-Fi Boy Band with Light Swords

Get out your lightsabers and your Millennium Falcons, kids, because we’re talking Star Wars on this week’s episode of the Half-Glass Gaming podcast. From EA’s Battlefront beta to Super Star Wars (and some even older stuff than that), we cover several decades of Star Wars video games. What was LucasArts up to before they were legally allowed to make Star Wars games? Whatever happened to Star Wars 1313? Are female Storm Troopers a thing? Which little-known NES game featured a Darth Vader who could transform into a pterodactyl? Was the naming format for the Dark Forces games inspired by the Rambo movies? What’s Boba Fett’s pin number? And we don’t just limit ourselves to video games. We’ve got some stuff to say about Star Wars toys and, of course, the prequel movies too.…
Dudes in Ties

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 14] : Dudes in Ties

Buckle up, because this is one of our most factoid-heavy episodes (and also the Reverend’s drunkest episode) yet. We’re bringing the goods on sound design. How did Super Mario Bros. 3 get that neat steel drum sound in it’s game over music? What does “portal occlusion” mean? What is the origin of the Wilhelm Scream? Why does great sound design go unrecognized so often? Also, Mandi gets a PlayStation Vita, Julian doesn’t meet Neil Gaiman (but mispronounces his name), and Josh eavesdrops on some dudes in ties. Oh, and the Reverend is really, really drunk. This is one for the record books, folks! If your curiosity was piqued by the disaster of a game called Color a Dinosaur, here’s an article with much more information.…
The Voluntary Cow Extinction Movement

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 13] : The Voluntary Cow Extinction Movement

This week, we start things off with an update on our progress in Shovel Knight and The Witcher 3, dig into Fulton Extraction in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and put a nice little cherry on top of the pre-break conversation with Josh’s Snapple addiction. Real Snapple facts force us to ponder our existence, which is less comfortable than pondering the existence of No Man’s Sky, which reminds us that we wanted to talk about Minecraft. Somehow, all of this makes sense when you listen to it. In Minecraft land, Nate wanders endlessly, Julian watches the fruit of his labor burn to the ground, Josh impresses his mom, and Mandi gets struck by lightning over and over again. Plus, Minecraft cow suicide is a pressing issue.…
What's Heroic About Getting Your Finger Bitten Off?

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 12] : What’s Heroic About Getting Your Finger Bitten Off?

3/4 of the gang returns from the Minnesota Renaissance Festival with tales aplenty. We drank mead, we threw axes, and we may have run into a familiar friend. Is Pillowcase Head single now? We think so. Our Ren Fest activities lead into a discussion of The Lord of the Rings, and how the laziness of the Bard of Gondor will forever tarnish the Baggins name. Other post-Ren Fest topics include sexual attraction to fantasy tropes and Shovel Knight. Of course, Shovel Knight reminds us that a listener requested an episode on platformers, so we attempt to deliver one. Did you know that the platformer is kind of a hard genre to define once you start getting into it? Did you know there’s also a platformer-like genre called the comical action game?…
Better Than Babies

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 11] : Consistently Better Than Babies

Having recently returned from a road trip to the wonderful city of Duluth, Minnesota, the gang tells tales of the ridiculousness of highway billboards. This leads to a surprisingly impassioned conversation about advertising philosophy and brand management. Then, we delve into the topic of challenge. How hard is too hard? Are difficult games usually the product of bad design choices? Have games gotten easier over the years? And how can you keep a girlfriend if you can’t beat Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES? These are troubling questions indeed. We cover some of the more famous difficult classics, like Battletoads and Mega Man, and jump into some more modern challenging games like Super Meat Boy and Bloodborne. Oh, and an episode about challenge just wouldn’t be complete without Josh explaining his complex relationship with the Dark Souls series.…
Carlos Menception

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 10] : Carlos Menception

This week’s episode is a Zelda-themed egg-stravaganza, as we regale our listeners with tales of Zelda games past and Mandi spits some mad trivia about chickens. A new character, Pillowcase Head, steps out of the Minnesota cold and into your hearts, while the Reverend goes sober for a bit and even skips a wrestling match due to a potential ulcer. Wasserman wouldn’t have allowed those sorts of shenanigans, but thankfully this ain’t his show. Plus, Josh’s Miyamoto sighting, Mandi’s fan base, Julian’s soul, and the Reverend’s bizarre payment options. Really, what kind of minister accepts weed and booze as acceptable forms of currency? Ours does! And, to top it all off, we’ve got a bonus Zelda-themed track by a great band.…
Inherently Impervious to Bullet Damage

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 9] : Inherently Impervious to Bullet Damage

In this episode of the Half-Glass Gaming podcast, Mandi tells of the grand adventures she had while trying to acquire a set of yak-based superpowers. This leads the gang into an attempt to name a video game in which you can play video games while possessing superpowers. Spoiler alert: We found one! And, of course, Witcher 3 references make a comeback, as we have a healthy little debate about whether Witcher powers are magic, superpowers, or both. After that, we get out our pails and shovels to dig into the sandbox genre, and we draw a line in the sand between sandbox games and open world games. Those terms won’t be used interchangeably here at Half-Glass Gaming. Also, this episode is full of nonviolent GTA mimes, Fallout 3 babies, and Domestic Dog Simulator (or DDS for short).…
I'm from the Future

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 8] : I’m from the Future

This week, we travel back from the future to bring you tidings of gaming goodness. We chat Back to the Future for NES, Life Is Strange, and, of course, Chrono Trigger. We also get into the weeds about the female gaming demographic, and Julian makes predictions about the episode. Does he nail it? You’ll have to listen to find out. Plus, it’s a movie extravaganza as Josh and Mandi travel back in time to see The Road Warrior in theaters, the Reverend reminds us how awesome the “Time in a Bottle” scene from X-Men: Days of Future Past is, and Julian talks about some movie that’s kind of like Mad Max but is actually about hipsters with broken hearts. Oh, and Primer messes us all up.…
Half-Glass Gaming Wasserman

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 7] : The Wasserman Sizzle

What’s Doctor Doom up to now? It seems he’s been spotted while riding around in the Senate Council hover thing from the Star Wars prequels. Wait. False alarm. That’s just another Doombot. In this episode, we tackle the genre known as brawlers after a night of heavy drinking and heavy arcade-playing. Our axes are golden, our streets are ragin’, and our ninjas are turtlin’. Does the genre still exist to this day? How much does the retro brawler have in common with the modern hack ‘n’ slash? What’s with all the kidnapped girlfriends? Also, we reveal our favorite arcade games, the Reverend regales us with tales of the Minnesota pro wrestling scene, and the show gets its first arch-villain. Listen to the goodness right here: Whether you want to holler at us or applaud us, you can keep the conversation going by contacting us on Twitter.…
Pac-Man with a Plumber

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 6] : Pac-Man with a Plumber

In this week’s episode of the Half-Glass Gaming podcast, we pit Tetris against Columns to determine the true champion of the strategically-dropping-things-into-a-pile genre. Things get a little ugly when Dr. Mario and Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine join the fray, but that’s just how we like things: ugly. Speaking of ugly things, we talk about the merits of graphical prowess. Fortunately, we’ve done the research, and we have a lot to say about this topic. Especially Josh. Someone probably needs to calm that guy down. Also, we have an update on the amiibo situation from Episode 3, and we show off a thoughtful gift from a listener/fan. You can send more of those our way, folks. Don’t be shy. Keep the conversation going by contacting us on Twitter.…

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 5] : Weird Crab People Walking to the Right

In this week’s episode of the Half-Glass Gaming podcast, Josh whines about the elderly before whining about mosh pits and sounding like the elderly in the process. Julian regales us with tales of beer chasing, cord chewing, and GameStop visiting. The reverend just drinks a lot. After the break, we spit some mad fire about the game Submerged by Uppercut Games. Does its challenge-free gameplay make it a critical stinker? Perhaps, but that doesn’t mean Mandi can’t make it into her own personal photography jackpot or a dolphin friendship simulator. Listen to Episode 5 right here: Would you like to keep the conversation afloat? Catch up with all of us on Twitter. Josh (The Defender of Modern Gaming) Rev. Nate (The Defender of Retro Gaming) Julian (The Moderator) Mandi (The Research Assistant) And stop back next week: New episodes air every Wednesday.…
These Damn Jackrabbits Are Growing Horns

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 4] : These Damn Jackrabbits Are Growing Horns

We decide to dial the vitriol knob back several notches for this episode and just talk about our favorite games. Obviously, that can’t be done without extensive conversations about Mother and Final Fantasy, but there are a few surprises mixed in as well. Also, Nate spots a jackalope, Josh shoots a jackalope, and Mandi sciences a jackalope. Get the goods right freakin’ here: Keep the conversation rolling by telling us about your own favorite games on Twitter. Josh (The Defender of Modern Gaming) Rev. Nate (The Defender of Retro Gaming) Julian (The Moderator) Mandi (The Research Assistant) And stop back to get new episodes every Wednesday. You can see a full list of games we mentioned in this episode at the official Half-Glass Gaming website.…
Ness Amiibo Sandwich Blues

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 3] : Amiibo Sandwich Blues

The third episode of the Half-Glass Gaming starts off on the wrong foot, as Josh explains how Subway ruined his breakfast. Then, after the break, we break down Nintendo’s incompetence at handling the amiibo situation, which makes Josh even grumpier than bad breakfast. It’s a mile-a-minute thrill ride, as the big N gets curb stomped and amiibo figures go flying. We also meander around topics like Tony Hawk’s mysterious resemblance to Adam Sandler, EarthBound‘s marketing campaign, Nintendo setting people on fire, and Skylanders and Disney Infinity figures. Buckle up and grab a cup, it’s Half-Glass Gaming: Episode 3. If you want to learn more about the marketing campaign that sunk EarthBound, we’ve got you covered with this detailed article on the topic.…
Kratos in Chains

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 2] : Country Song of the Count

In round 2 of our discussion of modern games vs. retro games, we begin with in-game costumes and take a dark meander into the head of the Dark Knight. After the break, we dissect the quick time event like a frog in 11th grade biology. X’s get stomped, Y’s get flung, and shoulder buttons go a-tappin’. And, for some reason, we keep going back to Final Fantasy. Also covered: Lots of Shenmue, God of War 2‘s final QTE, meaningful choices in Life Is Strange, how to silently destroy a vent cover, the musical stylings of Castlevania titles, and the little Napolean dude from Resident Evil 4. And Gwent. There’s always more Gwent. Tickle your eardrums with the sweet sound of our voices. Continue the conversation by contacting us on Twitter: Josh (The Defender of Modern Gaming) Rev.…
The Witcher 3

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 1] : We’re All Pregnant with Ghosts

Here we are, with the very first episode of the Half-Glass Gaming podcast, and we’re about as excited about it as this kid is for… well, whatever it is this kid is excited about:   In our introductory episode, we pit Josh Wirtanen against Rev. Nate in a battle over which is superior: retro gaming or modern gaming. While both parties start to make good arguments, they get distracted by an informative history of nudity in video games (and on the covers of video games). Eventually, we end up jabbering about the Gwent card game from The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. Also, dinosaurs are hunted in ARK: Survival Evolved (well, not really), bad Snake impressions are unimpressive, and the drug habits of Atari developers are… well, you know.…
final fantasy vii remake

The Final Fantasy VII Remake: Seven Changes We’re Looking Forward To

We here at Retrovolve have no shortage of affection for Final Fantasy VII. In fact, some of our staffers count it among their favorite games of all time. With that said, we’re totally jazzed about the upcoming remake. VII is an amazing as is, but it definitely has room for improvement. Here are a few of the things we hope we’ll see when Square Enix makes the dreams of millions of fans come true.…
Mega Man

Mega Man Is My Biggest Retro Gaming Regret

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a gamer. Some of my earliest memories are of playing Mega Man on a 20” television in my parents’ basement. There is even video documentation of me gawking over my brother’s shoulder one Christmas morning as he played his new Game Boy. From a very young age, I was drawn to video games. In the years since, I’ve played a wide variety of games across multiple genres and platforms — from FPSes to RPGs, from the NES to the PS4. I owe no allegiance to one system over another, to one company over another. I just love video games. It shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that I haven’t finished every game I’ve come in contact with.…
Mega Man

Mega Man and Me: A Love Story Without a Happy Ending

Like many gamers in their late 20s, I have a fondness for the Mega Man franchise. Back when other kids were talking about industry standards such as Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda, I was all about “The Blue Bomber.” So much so that my parents wouldn’t let me rent Mega Man games from the local grocery since I’d already played them, while my brothers gave me shit because each new title was just like the last. I didn’t care. No other game did what Mega Man was doing, and even when they tried, they couldn’t do it nearly as well. I was still a youngster when the original Mega Man game came out in ’87. I can’t remember exactly when we brought it home, or whether we owned it or just rented it, but what I can remember is that I was horrible at it.…
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