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Zelda Toys

The Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary – Celebrate with Us

February 21, 2016, marks the 30-year anniversary of the Japanese release of The Legend of Zelda. We here at Retrovolve are longtime fans of the franchise, and we wanted to find a fitting way to celebrate such a milestone with our staff and readers. So we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Zelda-related things we’ve published and we thought it’d be fun to share those. You’ll find them below in no particular order. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Is a Beautiful, Profound Masterpiece Josh Wirtanen explains why he thinks The Wind Waker is one of the best video games ever made, looking at the art, story, and emotional impact of the game. Read it here. A Link to the Past and the Mystery of Link’s Missing Pants Mandi Odoerfer explores the instruction manual art of the Zelda series to get to the bottom of a strange mystery: Where are Link’s pants?…
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Is a Beautiful, Profound Masterpiece

There are certain video games that are considered canon by many, titles that anyone who writes about video games should feel some obligation to fawn over. These are revolutionaries, the heavy hitters that really meant something to both the games industry and the gaming community, the standouts that left a lasting impression. I try to play as many of these as I can, and, for the most part, I tend to really enjoy them. There’s been one longstanding exception to this rule for me, however: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This is baffling and frustrating for me. I adore the Legend of Zelda series, and I respect Ocarina of Time for all of the revolutionary things it did for gaming as a medium.…
Resident Evil You Are Dead

The First Thing I Did in Resident Evil HD Was Die

Since I first learned that the Resident Evil HD remake was going be a thing, I was pretty enthusiastic about it. I preloaded it onto my PS4 and watched the hours and minutes tick down to that glorious launch so I could replay one of my favorite games of the PSOne era, reminiscing about my love for the series while I waited. Then I stepped into the game and died, right off the bat. Remember that scene where Jill goes off on her own and that gross-looking zombie head turns and looks at her? Yeah, that thing. This is literally the first enemy you encounter in the game, and it killed me. I popped my first Trophy, which was called “Get Used to It,” awarded for my first ever death in the HD remake.…
Resident Evil HD Jill

CQC FTW Trophy/Achievement – How to Beat Resident Evil HD Remaster with Just the Knife

When I first saw that the new Resident Evil HD remake had a Trophy for getting through the entire game while only using the knife (it’s called “CQC FTW”), I thought it sounded damn near impossible. Between the awkward controls (I always play using the original control scheme) and the ineffectiveness of the knife, this seemed like a challenge for crazy people. Lo and behold, I stumbled upon an annotated walkthrough on YouTube by user Carcinogen, which makes the thing look pretty easy. He made the video using the GameCube version of the game, which the HD remaster is based on. That means that — while I haven’t tested this yet myself — if you follow these instructions, you should hypothetically pop the Trophy (as well as a few others while you’re at it.)…

Retrovolve Plays NFL QB Club 2002 So You Don’t Have To

Andy plays NFL QB Club 2002 for the first time since being devastated by it as a teenager. Find out why he missed the 2000 NFC Championship Game in the most stereotypical way possible and which former NFL quarterback he went jetskiing with. All that and not a whole lot more in this video of one of the early 2000’s most mediocre sports games.…
Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb Collection

Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb Collection Doesn’t Hold Up to Real Pinball

There is a wonderful bar down the street from my apartment that houses dozens of pinball machines from the last five decades, and it has completely reignited my love for this incredibly awesome form of entertainment. It might be the history; pinball dates back to the 1930s and has an absolutely fascinating lineage. It might be the game’s tangible nature; everything is played in the real world with real-world physics. Slightly bumping the machine will result in a equal reaction by the game’s tiny steel ball. Perhaps it’s the artwork; each machine completely is completely unique and it’s style and illustrations. Let’s face it, game art isn’t quite what it used to be. The hand-drawn illustrations of the early electromechanical pinball machines are simply some of the best in the history.…
GameCube Controller

Nintendo’s GameCube Had the Second Best Video Game Controller of All Time

I recently had a face-to-face conversation (you know, the opposite of texting or private messaging) with a friend of mine about which game controllers were our number one and number two favorites. Obviously, the Xbox 360 controller is the greatest of all time; nobody is arguing against that. And, obviously, the PS3 controller is a pile of dung. Again, old news. But while thinking back on all of the official console controllers starting with the NES — which was my first foray into the gaming landscape — my choice for number two favorite controller caused a ripple in our discussion, one that reverberated beyond the close knit confines of my living room and shook the very foundations of the society within which we live.…
K K Slider Lovin

Animal Crossing’s K.K. Slider Lands on a Sexy, Sexy Mix Tape

A friend of mine recently shared her appreciation for the mix tape section of the Tiny Mix Tapes website with me. Here, users can submit a theme and have other users make virtual mix tapes for them. Pretty cool concept, right? Well, I was scrolling through the page the other day and I found a sexy little playlist called “I can’t be any more clear. I only want to have sex with you.” This features tunes such as “I’m Fuckin’ You Tonight” by Heat Wave and “The Anal Staircase” by Coil. Classy stuff, right? They could make you want to enact on fantasies you gained from watching adult sites, for example and more. However, whilst I was wondering if any of the videos I may have seen recently, both on porn7 xxx and on other, more safe for work sites, had been using these songs, one track in particular caught my eye: “K.K.…
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