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NAM-1975 Presents an Insane yet Enjoyable Alternate Version of the Vietnam War

A decade ago, World War II shooters were all the rage. In recent years, our digital warfare has migrated to more modern settings. Developers consult ex-military personnel and painstakingly research every facet of wartime combat in order to create the most authentic and engaging experience possible. NAM-1975 does none of that. It supposedly takes place in the final months of the Vietnam War, chronicling the story of two soldiers’ attempt to rescue a scientist, Dr. Muckly, from Viet Cong captivity. Or something like that. It really doesn’t matter. Like most games of its type, the story is only there because it has to be; the game’s most captivating quality is its intense, gunfire-heavy brand of kick ass arcade-style shooting action. NAM-1975 essentially plays like a light gun rail shooter minus the light gun.…
Metal Slug 3

Viva La Neo Geo! Hands-On with SNK’s Reborn Classic Console

There are few products in gaming that get a second chance at life the way that the Neo Geo has, thanks to a partnership between SNK Playmore and electronics manufacturer Tommo. Some gaming consoles thrive and go on to live long and fruitful lives, perpetually connected to television sets for a decade at a time. Others flounder under the weight of lofty expectations and are hastily forgotten. It’s feast or famine in the console manufacturing world (just ask Sega), and once a machine is pronounced dead, it stays dead. That is, until the Neo Geo X arrived after a year of speculation. Announced last fall as a portable unit pre-loaded with a handful of old Neo Geo games, it was quickly dismissed as vaporware, much like the Infinium Labs Phantom of a decade ago.…
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