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Stardew Valley Truffle

Stardew Valley: Truffle Guide

In Stardew Valley, it might not be immediately clear where you can find truffles or what to do once you have one, and several players have been confused about this. So here’s a super quick guide to help you solve the mystery of truffles. To acquire truffles, you must have at least one adult pig. In order to get one of those, you’ll have to have at least one Deluxe Barn, which is the third tier of Barn. (You’ll have to go to the Carpenter’s Shop and upgrade your Barn to a Big Barn, then your Big Barn to a Deluxe Barn.) Once your Deluxe Barn upgrade is complete, you can visit Marnie’s Ranch (south of your farm) to buy a pig.…
Stardew Valley Wagon

Stardew Valley: 16 Tips for Beginners

Stardew Valley seems like a pretty simple game at first, but once you dig in you’ll find a deceptively complex, deeply layered experience. In my first save file, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how things worked, and by the time I made it to Fall, I had learned an enormous amount of information that, had I known it when I started the game, would have saved me a lot of time and headaches. So I started over and had a very successful first year. Below is a list of things I wish I’d have known sooner: Turn on Autorun Yes, you can enable autorun in the options menu. It will save you from cramping your pinky finger by holding down Left Shift all the time.…
Stardew Valley Flower Dance

Stardew Valley: Where Is the Spring Flower Dance?

In Stardew Valley, your character will be treated to various festivals throughout the year. One of the first is the Flower Festival, which includes the Flower Dance, though it can be a little tricky to find in your first year. On the day before the festival (Spring 23), you’ll find this reminder in your mailbox: If you follow its instructions, it can be a little confusing. You’ll want to enter Pelican Town, go to the south edge of the town, then head due west. Of course, there’s an easier way to get there: Just head straight south from your home. You’ll end up finding a bridge to an area that’s otherwise inaccessible at this point in the game. Cross it and follow the path and you’ll be enjoying the festivities with the rest of them.…
Girlfriend Construction Set

Girlfriend Construction Set Allows Me to Be a Virtual Jerk

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about this old indie game called Girlfriend Construction Set, and I was eventually persuaded to check this dating simulator out and see what all of the hubbub was about. Within a few minutes, I found myself becoming the very kind of jerk I loathe in reality. And Lord help me, it felt pretty good. I started out by typing my name and the name of my virtual girlfriend. I was then tasked with choosing her face. Naturally, I chose the most aesthetically pleasing pixelated mug, which coincidentally happened to be a 10. Next, I was tasked with calculating her stats: After this, it was off to the races. For our first date, I chose the default dinner option: She agreed, naturally, but during the date the waiter spilled soup on her.…

Gotta Graph ‘Em All

Last month we took a quick look at a graphing calculator adaptation of Super Smash Bros being made from the ground up to run on such hardware. Well as it turns out that game’s author, Hayleia, has also been working on a version of Pokemon to run on math equipment. This project looks to be a bit older, but it just blows my mind that such a thing exists. It looks pretty damn sweet too, check out these animations of the game: That’s crazy, but awesomely so. I guess it just goes to show the levels of dedication some fans have to a franchise. This hasn’t been updated in a while, and I can’t find any information as to where it’s going from here but it’s definitely worth taking a look at.…
girlfriend construction set

Girlfriend Construction Set Proves That Building Girlfriends Is Harder Than It Looks

Long ago, in the dark, desolate year of 1989, a man named Tom Scheffler created a game called Girlfriend Construction Set. It’s a title some might decry as a lonely man’s daydream; a game for guys who need simulations to land dates However, those who look beyond its off-putting exterior will discover an addictive and fascinating retro gem. Girlfriend Construction Set asks players to build a lady from the ground up, selecting her face, height, weight, and measurements. From there, you must assign points to other important attributes, like “Personality,” “Jealousy,” and “Sex.” But the core of the Girlfriend Construction Set experience lies not in the girlfriend you create, but in the dates you take her on. See, your character has his own set of attribute points, which he can use to attract better girlfriends.…
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