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Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines

Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines Has the Only Worthwhile Super-Speed Power I’ve Ever Seen in a Game

Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines, the cumbersomely named 2004 PC game from the now-deceased Troika Games, is pretty much everything I want in a video game. It removes things I find obnoxious — such as grinding and other players — it tells a coherent story while still allowing you to feel in control of the narrative, and it gives the player a number of options as to how to approach gameplay while not making one option or character type feel more obviously “correct” than any other. It’s also the only game I’ve ever seen that does a super-speed type power correctly. My experience of super-speed type powers comes in two flavors; console RPGs and fighting games. In console RPGs, super-speed type abilities are simple for reasons I shouldn’t have to explain.…
Half-Life 2

My Refusal to Play Half-Life 2 Proves That I have Terrible Decision-Making Skills

I’m going to be honest: I hated the original Half-Life. In fact, my hatred for Half-Life burned so white hot that when Half-Life 2 launched, I absolutely refused to play it. Now, it’s been so long since my initial Half-Life experience that I can’t really say what it was about the game that convinced me to harbor such a passionate hatred for it. I mean, I’m pretty sure I liked the first part at least. Whatever it was, though, I remember seeing Half-Life 2 on store shelves and feeling this sense of bitterness, as if it’s mere presence were repulsive to me. I guess I was kind of an angry person back then. However, Portal eventually came out, and I really wanted to play it.…
WOW tilt shift

World of Warcraft Gets Tilt-Shifted

You ever hear of tilt-shift photography? Essentially, it is a photography technique that makes real-life scenes look like miniatures. It’s a lens trick, and it’s kind of awesome. Hans Wallner, a freind of mine, decided to use Photoshop to simulate the effect on various screenshots he took in World of Warcraft, and they look pretty incredible. He’s long since quit doing this and has moved onto other projects, but he left an Imgur gallery of his work around for you to check out. We recommend viewing these beauties in full-resolution, and maybe even leave a comment encouraging Mr. Wallner to pick up the art again.…
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