Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 13] : The Voluntary Cow Extinction Movement

The Voluntary Cow Extinction Movement

This week, we start things off with an update on our progress in Shovel Knight and The Witcher 3, dig into Fulton Extraction in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and put a nice little cherry on top of the pre-break conversation with Josh’s Snapple addiction. Real Snapple facts force us to ponder our existence, which is less comfortable than pondering the existence of No Man’s Sky, which reminds us that we wanted to talk about Minecraft. Somehow, all of this makes sense when you listen to it.

In Minecraft land, Nate wanders endlessly, Julian watches the fruit of his labor burn to the ground, Josh impresses his mom, and Mandi gets struck by lightning over and over again. Plus, Minecraft cow suicide is a pressing issue.

Oh, and we attempt to correct an error from a previous episode.

Get the glorious goods below, folks. You won’t be disappointed.

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Josh (The Forward Thinker)

Rev. Rebecca Nathaniel (The Nostalgic Alcoholic)

Julian (The Moderator)

Mandi (The Research Assistant)

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  • discipleofpizza

    Thanks for the correction and sorry for being butt hurt. I just heard Julian and had to say something.
    If you want to give a shout out you can just call me pizza, lol.

    • Josh Wirtanen

      No problem! We’re trying to put out the best podast we can, so it’s good to know when we mess up so we can address it right away!

      • Elizabeth Thompson

        Plus, it’s Julian. He needs to be knocked down a peg or five.

    • JulianWhatThe

      You have nothing to feel butt hurt about. I made a verbal snafu, regarding the Witcher (of all things..) and I’m glad you caught it. Really I just wanted to make sure that someone was paying attention. It was more of a test to our listeners than anything and that is the story I’m sticking with. I will say this, shout outs are hard won my friend, but you are definitely on the right track. Pizza, you’re A-OK in my book. And my book is a best seller, so.. Keep listening and keep posting!

  • Jimmy Mamatas

    You’re a very welcoming group. I’m a big fan of the podcast, and I really do appreciate it.

    I confess I haven’t played much Minecraft, though you make it sound intriguing. I suspect if I did try it out I’d just wind up like poor Mandi. I think I’ll stick to Bubsy.

    • Josh Wirtanen

      Thanks for listening! We do appreciate the support and feedback!

  • texdent

    I can beat Mandi’s story. Once lightning struck my pig pen and they all turned into zombie pig men.

    • Josh Wirtanen

      Oh man! I heard that can happen, but I’ve never actually seen it. That’s crazy!

  • Anno 2205

    Building towns is my favorite thing to do in Minecraft. Other city builders are better but Minecraft relaxes me more.

    • Josh Wirtanen

      Yeah, that’s what’s great about Minecraft. It can be so relaxing at times, but so intense at other times. Like when the new fortress you built is surrounded by creepers and you try to kite them away from your fortress. Man, I love Minecraft! And when you’re mining and that super chill piano and synth music starts playing; man, that’s the best!

      Also, I like your username! I played a bit of Anno. It’s super addictive!

      • Anno 2205

        Anno is my favorite series. 2205 looks great but I’m disappointed that you can’t custom build harbors anymore.

    • JulianWhatThe

      These are a few of my earlier creations: A small town I had constructed and some gaming icons pixel art.

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