Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 17] : Kaizeru-Hige


This week, a flashback to Ren Fest triggers a conversation about facial hair. Does Josh’s beard resemble Geralt of Rivia’s or Joel’s from The Last of Us? How do The Witcher 3‘s facial hair mechanics work? What is the history of facial hair in Japan? How do you say “handlebar mustache” in Japanese? You’ve got questions; Mandi has answers.

Of course, all this beards ‘n’ stashes talk is merely a prelude, and the real fun begins when we dive into the history of JRPGs. Where did the term JRPG come from (and is it even an accurate term)? Were most Japanese RPG studios originally making pornographic video games? Why does Mandi hate Mass Effect so much (which isn’t even a JRPG)? Why does the Reverend prefer Wild Arms Alter Code: F to the original Wild Arms game? (Well, there’s actually more on that Wild Arms thing in this Retrovolve article.)

Tickle your little weeaboo ears with the sound of Half-Glass Gaming.

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Josh (The Forward Thinker)

Rev. Rebecca Nathaniel (The Nostalgic Alcoholic)

Julian (The Moderator)

Mandi (The Lead Research Specialist)

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  • Jimmy Mamatas

    Very informative episode! Like Mandi, I don’t care much for the word JRPG. They’re all RPGs to me and turn based ones are what I really enjoy. I’d never heard the term weeaboo, but it might become my new favourite word.

    • Elizabeth Thompson

      http://pbfcomics.com/71 This is the comic Mandi was talking about.

      – The Reverend

    • Jimmy Mamatas

      I’d meant to say thank you to Julian but it slipped my mind when I made my comment. Thank you for being such a welcoming group.

  • discipleofpizza

    Lightning sucks because Toriyama made her his waifu
    How do you say sideburns in japanese?

  • Tyrant Fluffy Pants

    Some good games you didn’t say are Chrono Cross and Bahamut Lagoon. I have Ni No Kuni but I didn’t get far in it yet.

    • Elizabeth Thompson

      It was not by accident that I did not mention Chrono Cross, I assure you.

      – The Reverend

    • Josh Wirtanen

      I’ve not played either of those. I have friends who love Chrono Cross, and other friends who hate it. I think I actually borrowed a copy from someone ages ago and forgot to give it back. I’ll have to dig through my stuff and see.

      • Tyrant Fluffy Pants

        You should try Chrono Cross if you find it. The music is awesome and it’s got tons of characters.Serge is the shit, lol.

  • Jelly Genesis

    Great episode. I’d like to try some of the old games you talked about at the start of the episode, but I’m guessing they were never released in English.

  • mako33

    I stopped playing JRPGs about 5 years ago. Grinding is repetitive as fuck and everyone is a whiny teenager.

    • mako33

      The episode was good though.

    • Elizabeth Thompson

      There are some that you don’t have to deal with that with. Chrono Trigger has a really good pace. You *can* grind, but if you keep in mind the AP/XP values of certain enemies, you generally don’t have to. In general, though, I agree that the grinding is always my least favorite part of a JRPG.

      – The Reverend

    • You should play Nier! No grinding, grumpy old man protagonist, and a genuinely fantastic story.

  • Anno 2205

    I like the old style jRPGs with airships and world maps. Do they still make games like that?

    • They do! The Trails in the Sky series is exactly what you’re looking for. You can play the first one on PSP, Vita, and PC, and the second one just came out for Vita and PC. I’d also suggest looking into the Tales games. They don’t all have airships, but they do have solid combat, world maps, and a classic feel. Symphonia, Vesperia, and Graces f are my favorites.

  • Jdcomix

    Did any of you ever use RPG maker? I tried to make jrpg style games with it but I never finished.

    • Elizabeth Thompson

      I had a game half-made for the very original RPG Maker on the PSOne, but then the memory card I had the info on was stolen. Sort of knocked the wind out of my sales.

      I own RPG Maker 3, but it seemed somewhat arcane to me when I was trying to figure out how to use it.

      – The Reverend

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