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Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 2] : Country Song of the Count

Kratos in Chains

In round 2 of our discussion of modern games vs. retro games, we begin with in-game costumes and take a dark meander into the head of the Dark Knight. After the break, we dissect the quick time event like a frog in 11th grade biology. X’s get stomped, Y’s get flung, and shoulder buttons go a-tappin’. And, for some reason, we keep going back to Final Fantasy.

Also covered: Lots of ShenmueGod of War 2‘s final QTE, meaningful choices in Life Is Strange, how to silently destroy a vent cover, the musical stylings of Castlevania titles, and the little Napolean dude from Resident Evil 4. And Gwent. There’s always more Gwent.

Tickle your eardrums with the sweet sound of our voices.

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Mandi (The Research Assistant)

You can see a complete list of games we mention in this episode at the Half-Glass Gaming website.

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