Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 23] : Pirates on a Sea of Milk

Half-Glass Gaming: Pirates on a Sea of Milk

This week, we briefly chat about some PS4 accessories — including the wonderful 20th Anniversary PlayStation controller — before we race toward our true topic of the week: Mega Man.

Josh and the Reverend try to explain the series to Julian, who’s still a little wet behind the ears on this whole Mega Man thing, and they realize they’ve undertaken a monumental task. Perhaps the countless iterations of the Blue Bomber that we’ve seen over the years are best left unexplained?

Plus, Mandi tells us all about a game called Cocoron, made by the original Mega Man producer — who, you might be surprised to learn, was not Keiji Inafune. She also tells us about a game called Sweet Fuse that was made by Inafune and features Inafune’s niece as a playable character. We’ve also got tales of madness from the comic book series and the beloved 1990s animated series, Protoman’s magnificent whistle, plainclothes Mega Man, Albert Einstein as Dr. Wily, the origins of Bad Box Art Mega Man, and so much more. And, at the end of it all, Josh finally gets to tell the story of how he met Inafune.

Mega Man Box Art

Bite down on a mega-sized feast of factoids; this is how Half-Glass Gaming does Mega Man!

We’ve got a very robust gallery of Mega Man box art here.

To read more about Josh’s Inafune interview, you can find that here.

To learn more about Cocoron (and Little Samson too), check out this piece by Mandi.

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Josh (The Forward Thinker)

Rev. Rebecca Nathaniel (The Nostalgic Alcoholic)

Julian (The Moderator)

Mandi (The Lead Research Specialist)

You can see a full list of games we mention in this episode at the Half-Glass Gaming website.

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  • Jimmy Mamatas

    It’s great to hear you talk about older titles again, as it makes it easier for me to keep up with everything. I can’t say I care for the stories in Mega Man games. I’ve always felt the series was best in the 8-bit era. It’s very interesting to hear about the process that brought it all together, however! Mega Man 3 will always be my favourite game in the series, and although it’s not a Mega Man title, Little Samson is excellent as well. Another great episode!

    • Josh Wirtanen

      Mega Man 3 is probably the best of the 8-bit games (objectively), but I think MM6 might be my favorite. I’ve played through that one so many times.

  • Jelly Genesis

    The Battle Network series is hilarious. Some of my favorite games on the GBA. Unlike some people, I don’t have Mighty No. 9 backer’s remorse, but I’d rather plonk down cash for more of those games.

    • Josh Wirtanen

      I’m a little annoyed that they delayed it again, but I’m really looking forward to the Mighty No. 9.

      • Jelly Genesis

        Oh, I’m looking forward to it too. I just would have opted to bring back Battle Network if they’d taken some kind of poll. Maybe it could happen if Mighty No. 9 sells well.

  • mako33

    A mega-sized feast of factoids, that’s every episode. Most educational podcast I listen to.

    • Josh Wirtanen

      Thanks! We’ve all played a ton of games, and we make sure we do a bunch of research for every episode. We’re constantly digging for interesting tidbits of information to share!

      • Indeed. This is our labor of love that allows us to put to good use our collective extensive knowledge of gaming. Even I learn as we go along.

  • Thief921

    I want to like MegaMan but trying to play and failing miserably simply isn’t fun. I was never a fan of continue to fail until you get it games. I might try the other games you mentioned because it sounds like Mandi doesn’t like that either.

    • Josh Wirtanen

      There’s a point at which it just clicks. I remember struggling through MM9, and then all of a sudden realizing I could play through all the toughest parts like they were nothing. It’s a great feeling.

    • I’m with you on that. I need a constant feed back loop that isn’t so incremental. It’s why I also stay away from Dark Souls.

  • Ulysses 31

    A couple weeks ago a new Mega Man game came out but I didn’t play it yet. They have Trash Man and Wizard Man as bosses.

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