Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 28] : Every Video Game Is a Castlevania Remake

Mandi shares a very catchy earworm after playing PaRappa the Rapper 2 on PS4, which leads us into the wild topic of video game remakes, re-releases, and remasters. Are they a collector’s delight or a cheap cash grab? Believe it or not, we’re actually siding with the industry on this one.

After the break we start flinging factoids around, digging through the surprisingly long history of video game remakes. While it may ruffle more feathers these days, it’s been a part of gaming history since before any of us were born. So where is the remake’s place in the industry? Are we looking forward to the remake of Final Fantasy VII? Well, that’s a silly question; of course we are.

Batman, Little Mac, and Han Solo

Get your chickens back into the kitchen, here comes Half-Glass Gaming!

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Josh (The Forward Thinker)

Rev. Rebecca Nathaniel (The Nostalgic Alcoholic)

Julian (The Moderator)

Mandi (The Lead Research Specialist)

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  • Jimmy Mamatas

    Not playing newer games, I can’t say I’m terribly concerned with remakes myself. I did enjoy the older arcade remakes Mandi mentioned as a child, though. Thank you for another bang-up episode!

    • Yeah, I think it is interesting to look back and realize that most of the NES era arcade ports are basically remakes, or de-makes like the TMNT arcade game, which was one of my favs. I really loved Bionic Commando as a tyke, but the attempted 00’s reboot/remake was a disaster. Sometimes, often times perhaps even, the classics are best left alone. Thanks for listening Jimmy.

  • mrmario7502

    A headboard that is all at once a travesty and a controversy: https://www.etsy.com/ch-en/listing/129009558/grass-gate-dream-bed

  • Thief921

    What’s on the smaller book in your photo? I thought it was another Bradbury at first but it doesn’t look large enough.

    • The Illustrated Man, by Ray Bradbury. You’re eyes do not deceive you.

      • Josh Wirtanen

        Yeah, it’s The Illustrated Man. It’s actually just a matchbook with the Illustrated Man cover on it, which I thought was a cool knickknack for my Bradbury shelf. Also thought it was clever to have matches (the source of fire) inside a book — kind of a Fahrenheit 451 reference.

        I loves me some Bradbury.

        • Thief921

          Never would have guessed it was a matchbox. Do you have any others?

          • Josh Wirtanen

            It’s my only cool novelty matchbook. I have a ton of Bradbury books, though.

  • Elizabeth Thompson

    I will never fall out of love with the “Every game is a Castlevania remake” joke.


    – The Reverend

  • mako33

    REmake still stands out above every other remake I’ve played. Of course, I didn’t play it after they ported it AGAIN.

  • mako33

    REmake still stands out above every other remake I’ve played. Of course, I didn’t play it after they ported it AGAIN.

  • Jdcomix

    As long as FF7 still has detailed cities and dynamic questing, I’ll be happy. I stopped playing FF games because fighting got boring and repetitive and npcs had nothing to say.

  • I stand corrected: the Busdriver song that sounds like the Car Rap in Parappa is Avantcore, not Befriend the Friendless Friendster. Both Avantcore and Car Rap sample Turtles Have Short Legs by the group CAN.




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