Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 3] : Amiibo Sandwich Blues

Ness Amiibo Sandwich Blues

The third episode of the Half-Glass Gaming starts off on the wrong foot, as Josh explains how Subway ruined his breakfast. Then, after the break, we break down Nintendo’s incompetence at handling the amiibo situation, which makes Josh even grumpier than bad breakfast. It’s a mile-a-minute thrill ride, as the big N gets curb stomped and amiibo figures go flying.

We also meander around topics like Tony Hawk’s mysterious resemblance to Adam Sandler, EarthBound‘s marketing campaign, Nintendo setting people on fire, and Skylanders and Disney Infinity figures.

Buckle up and grab a cup, it’s Half-Glass Gaming: Episode 3.

If you want to learn more about the marketing campaign that sunk EarthBound, we’ve got you covered with this detailed article on the topic.

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  • Strontium Dingo

    That intro is priceless! I didn’t stop laughing for 5 minutes!

    My takeaway quote from this episode is: “You have a beard, that’s worth 3 napkins!”

    I didn’t game much on Nintendo, I was more into the Amiga. Don’t get me wrong, I played heaps of SNES with my mates, mainly Street Fighter II (DAMMIT, I WAS BLOCKING!), Mortal Kombat II (DAMMIT, I WAS BLOCKING!), Killer Instinct, (C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! BLOCK THAT!) and Yoshi’s Island (DAMMIT, I WAS BL- oh, right.)

    Of course, I played the pants off of Goldeneye on the N64 as well (DAMMIT, NATALYA WAS BLOCKING!) and also Vigilante8/V8 (BASS-QUAAAKE!)

    However, a lot of my friends are into Nintendo, and they often complain about not being able to get the Amiibo characters they want. I assumed it was because we live on a small(ish) island, so it was surprising to hear that people in America (including everybodys favourite now-Canadian, Mandi) have the same problems. It really does look as though Nintendo have no clue about their audience.

    And that ‘ask for Mother 3, get set on fire’ is not a good look. That’s not funny, it’s spiteful. The only company that could justify THAT kind of ‘joke’ is SquareEnix, and they’re redoing FF7 ANYWAY (as you all know by now).

    Looking forward to hearing the rest!

    • Josh Wirtanen

      Napkins are as rare at Subway as amiibo figures are at any game store…

      Well, that’s not true. They’ve actually started stocking amiibo figures within the past month or so. Subway still shorts me on napkins on a regular basis.

      Those breakfast sandwiches though…

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