Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 4] : These Damn Jackrabbits Are Growing Horns

These Damn Jackrabbits Are Growing Horns

We decide to dial the vitriol knob back several notches for this episode and just talk about our favorite games. Obviously, that can’t be done without extensive conversations about Mother and Final Fantasy, but there are a few surprises mixed in as well.

Also, Nate spots a jackalope, Josh shoots a jackalope, and Mandi sciences a jackalope.

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Josh (The Defender of Modern Gaming)

Rev. Nate (The Defender of Retro Gaming)

Julian (The Moderator)

Mandi (The Research Assistant)

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  • Strontium Dingo

    BACK IN BLACK! Top album that one.

    Man, I live ‘in the night’ whenever I can. I don’t like people in general, and I actively hate my neighbours. I’ve probably been nocturnal more than diurnal in my adult life in the times when I haven’t been employed locally.

    I love the night, because I can just get stuck into a task without various ‘persons from Porlock’ interrupting my creative process.

    Mother3 sounds AWESOME, I’ve never played it.

    I loved FF7, but I the amount of unskippable cutscenes make it hard for me to reply it. Never played Crisis Core or anything like that.

    The Reverends comments about Child Of Light reminds me of the ‘Extra Credits’ take on how to write a good female character: “Just write a good character, because gender shouldn’t matter if you do right”.

    I’ve never played Red Dead, but I heard good things about it.

    My favourite Retro game is probably the Amiga Sonic clone ‘Zool’.

    Keep up the great work, gang!

    • Nintendo has made playing Mother 3 much harder than it ought to be, but it’s definitely worth the trouble. There’s nothing else quite like it.

    • Josh Wirtanen

      I have a very large collection of black T-shirts. It’s a rare day when I’m not wearing a black T-shirt. I’d like to think my personal sense of style is wearing off on the rest of the gang…

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