Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 7] : The Wasserman Sizzle

Half-Glass Gaming Wasserman

What’s Doctor Doom up to now? It seems he’s been spotted while riding around in the Senate Council hover thing from the Star Wars prequels. Wait. False alarm. That’s just another Doombot.

In this episode, we tackle the genre known as brawlers after a night of heavy drinking and heavy arcade-playing. Our axes are golden, our streets are ragin’, and our ninjas are turtlin’. Does the genre still exist to this day? How much does the retro brawler have in common with the modern hack ‘n’ slash? What’s with all the kidnapped girlfriends?

Also, we reveal our favorite arcade games, the Reverend regales us with tales of the Minnesota pro wrestling scene, and the show gets its first arch-villain.

Listen to the goodness right here:

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Josh (The Defender of Modern Gaming)

Rev. Nate (The Defender of Retro Gaming)

Julian (The Moderator)

Mandi (The Research Assistant)

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To see a full list of games mentioned in this episode, visit the Half-Glass Gaming website.

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  • Jimmy Mamatas

    Hey mates, been listening for a few weeks now and you’ve really been doing a bangup job. Keep it up!

    • Josh Wirtanen

      Hey! Thanks for listening, and thanks for taking the time to leave a nice note!

      • Jimmy Mamatas

        Hey to you, Josh! It’s good to meet you, I’m Jimmy or JJ.

        I’ve been looking for a retro podcast for a while and your podcast has been better than everything else I tried. Funny and informational. If they took national average of brains combined with beauty Mandi would be in the top 1%.

        • Rebecca Elfprincess

          Oh, I see. Mandi’s the pretty one. You know, I like to feel pretty, too!

          …It’s the mustache, isn’t it?


        • Josh Wirtanen

          My middle initial is J, so I’m a JJ too! In fact, there are still people who refer to me as Jay Jay (which was my nickname when I was playing in bands and such.)

          • Jimmy Mamatas

            Ha! Js everywhere you look. Is Julian a JJ too? I prefer to be called JJ because Jimmy sounds a bit young.

  • Specter

    Bill Wasserman gonna sue somebody

    • Josh Wirtanen

      It wouldn’t be the first time!

    • Elizabeth Thompson

      It really would not be the first time.

      I can not stress this enough. Bill Wasserman is an asshole and deserving only of derision and mockery.

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