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Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 9] : Inherently Impervious to Bullet Damage

Inherently Impervious to Bullet Damage

In this episode of the Half-Glass Gaming podcast, Mandi tells of the grand adventures she had while trying to acquire a set of yak-based superpowers. This leads the gang into an attempt to name a video game in which you can play video games while possessing superpowers. Spoiler alert: We found one! And, of course, Witcher 3 references make a comeback, as we have a healthy little debate about whether Witcher powers are magic, superpowers, or both.

After that, we get out our pails and shovels to dig into the sandbox genre, and we draw a line in the sand between sandbox games and open world games. Those terms won’t be used interchangeably here at Half-Glass Gaming.

Also, this episode is full of nonviolent GTA mimes, Fallout 3 babies, and Domestic Dog Simulator (or DDS for short). Get it while it’s hot, folks!

To keep the conversation rolling, step out of your sandbox for a bit and contact us on Twitter.

Josh (The Defender of Modern Gaming)

Rev. Nate (The Defender of Retro Gaming)

Julian (The Moderator)

Mandi (The Research Assistant)

For a full list of games mentioned in this episode, visit the Half-Glass Gaming official site.

And stop back next week: New episodes air every Wednesday.

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