Hey, the Sega Master System Looked like a Star Wars Computer Panel

When I was growing up, no one I knew had the Sega Master System. In fact, I didn’t know about it until I was a full-grown adult, because let’s face it, no one cared about the Master System when it was originally released. However, I absolutely cared — and still care — about Star Wars. And if I’d known about the Master System as a child, its appearance probably would have made me want the thing.

To this day, I couldn’t confidently name more than one game that was released on the Master System. Though, I seem to recall that it had a more robust version of Ultima IV, and I mostly enjoyed that game on the NES. Other than that, I have no idea what the thing could play.

But I do know that I could have pretended to be Han Solo on the Death Star with it. I would have pushed buttons and run off to save Princess Leia and all sorts of things. Look at this image from the original movie:

Star Wars

And now look at the Sega Master System.

Sega Master System

Tell me those don’t look the same. You can’t, because they do. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go find a Sega Master System so I can build my own Star Wars style computer panel.

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