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NES Cartridge Prices Are on the Rise, But That’s Not a Bad Thing

bowser manchu

Retro gaming enthusiast site posted an article claiming we’re in a retro games bubble. The article showed some evidence (supplied by the Price Charting site) that NES cartridge prices are on the rise.

The author’s perspective is that of a collector, lamenting these rising prices as a potential barrier for growing that ever-expanding retro game collection.

However, these rising prices, when viewed through the lens of simple economics, seem to be evidence of a growing demand for this old stuff. And that’s a good thing.

Gaming, which used to be a niche hobby enjoyed by kids and mega-nerds, has burst into the mainstream. Collecting NES cartridges is cool now. There are people who enjoy and respect the history of gaming as a medium, and seek to preserve it by amassing large collections of old school games.

These are good things. Gaming deserves a verifiable history. We need this stuff to be collected and hoarded and cataloged so we can sift through it as metaphorical archaeologists of the 8-bit era. How else are we going to remember that the video game heroes of yesteryear were fond of pants-less skateboarding?

While it sucks to be a collector right now who isn’t super rich, the NES collection trend is good for all of us.

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