Nintendo Cereal System: Link and Mario-Themed Cereal Might Have Been Delicious

Back in 1988, a glorious thing happened in the world of transmedia promotion: Two of Nintendo’s most beloved characters were given their own cereal. It was called Nintendo Cereal System, and I can remember the television commercial vividly.

The neat thing about Nintendo Cereal System was that it contained not one but two types of cereal inside. Instead of a single bag, each box had two separate air-sealed bags of sugar-filled goodness. One was Mario-themed; the other was Link-themed.

As an eight-year-old kid, I thought this was the most wonderful thing to ever happen in the world of breakfast. My parents, however, didn’t agree, and the only time I was ever given a chance to try it was at a friend’s house once when I spent the night. I don’t remember if I chose Mario or Link, but I remember it tasting amazing. Of course, at the age of eight, I didn’t really have an advanced palate — in fact, I’m pretty sure my eight-year-old self thought the best food on the planet was Little Caesars pizza, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

According to Wikipedia, there were trading cards on the back of the box and a sticker packed inside, but I don’t remember any of that.

It’s probably for the best that I’m not able to pick up a box as an adult, as tasting it now would almost certainly destroy a fond childhood memory. Still, I’m glad Nintendo Cereal System had a chance to exist, even if it were only for a tiny sliver of breakfast history.

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