Project Dream: Rare Shows Footage of Legendary Unreleased SNES/N64 Game

Project Dream

Rare is the company behind beloved games like Battletoads, Banjo-Kazooie, and GoldenEye 007. They served quite a long stint as a second-party developer for Nintendo, working on classics like Donkey Kong Country. Needless to say, they’ve long been an influential and important development studio with an impressive list of masterpiece games on their resume.

Of course, there was one game, commonly referred to as Project Dream, that never saw the light of day. It was originally going to launch on the Super Nintendo, but then focus re-shifted and the game was going to come to the N64 instead. While it never actually came out, it sort of served as the fertile soil that Banjo-Kazooie would be planted it.

Rare has finally told the story of its development, and has shown of some footage of the game that never was. You can watch all that in this 10-minute long “Rare Revealed” video:

We’re told you can find more great behind-the-scenes features like this in the Rare Replay collection for Xbox One.

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  • h0tp0ck3t

    Oh finally. The whole video is incredible, wow, seeing that old footage of Banjo-Kazooie is amazing. The original version reminds me of Dark Savior on the Saturn.

    • Josh Wirtanen

      Even the SNES version of this game was gorgeous. Such a cool looking game!

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