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Rare Announces Classic Games Collection for Xbox One

At Microsoft’s E3 2015 press conference, Rare announced Rare Replay, a collection of 30 classic Rare games dating all the way back to 1983. Notables include Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie, the lovably irreverent Conker’s Bad Fur Day, and — a personal favorite of mine — Battletoads.

Battletoads BannerAnd, speaking of Battletoads, it looks like this collection will include both the original NES version of the game and the arcade version, which has never seen a release on home consoles.

The collection will be out August 4 exclusively for the Xbox One. And it’s got Achievements, if you’re into that.

So if you have both an Xbox One and a passion for great retro games, you might want to pick this one up.

(For a more cynical take on Rare Replay, check that out at our sister site GeekParty.)

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