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Remember When Crash Bandicoot Was a Shill for Pizza Hut?

Crash Bandicoot

On the original PlayStation, Crash Bandicoot was a gloriously goofy 3D platformer that wasn’t quite aware that the era of “mascot games” was coming to an end.

What you may not remember, however, was that Crash was also used as a shill for selling stuffed crust pizza to the already obese kids of America.

Keep in mind that this was an era in which Little Caesars’ Caesar dude and Dominoes’ Noid were both running amok and causing chaos on late-afternoon television commercials. Pizza Hut took the less creative route and decided that they’d rather steal someone else’s mascot than create their own.

Lo and behold, the following ad survives as a testament to a cheesier time in advertising history (both literally and figuratively).

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