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Super Marion Is a Real Thing (Sort of)

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We’ve been sifting through a lot of old gaming magazines lately. Josh recently argued against Next Generation magazine’s proclamation that Super Mario 64 was the greatest game of all time.

The folks at Next Generation even held the game in high enough reverence to hilariously refer to it as “Super Marion 64.” Upon reading this, I did the only logical thing a person could to and headed straight to Google to see what the Internet had in store for this bizarro-world incarnation of the beloved Nintendo icon.

I was not disappointed.

I am a complete sucker for dumb retro-styled games starring basketball players, so Super Marion Bros. is just about everything I ever could have dreamed it would be. It’s a decently-enough produced marketing video highlighting an aging power forward with no charisma, complete with rival shit-talking and glaringly out-of-place corporate advertising. It only makes sense that Mavericks failed to qualify for the playoffs the season this was created.

Perhaps the Dallas Mavericks will create an awful Philips CD-i inspired Marion is Missing video package after Shawn’s off-season defection to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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