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Centipede: Infestation Is Exactly the Game I’ve Been Longing For

2014 was a bad year for gaming. Rather than rant about it for a half an hour, I will simply say that 2014 was the year developers appeared to stop caring. Broken games shipped almost weekly, gamers were nickle-and-dimed for underwhelming DLC, and games seemed to focus more-and-more on grandiose cinematic sequences than actual gameplay. It felt like the year that fun died. Still, I just can’t break the habit of strolling down the gaming aisle every time I go grocery shopping. 2014 was the year I left with just food more times than not. My bank account was pleased, but my persistent desire to game was not. My last re-supplying trip was different, however, and I began 2015 with one of my best gaming purchases in recent memory.…

Small Town Auctions Landfill Waste on eBay; Gamers Everywhere Rejoice

If you feel like taking metaphorical piss on Jack Tramiel’s grave, feel free to head over to eBay and bid on some of the abandoned cartridges that were excavated from an Alamogordo, New Mexico landfill earlier this year. It’s sort of ironic that Atari couldn’t even give these things away in the 80’s; they literally had to bury them in the desert to get them out of the warehouse. Thirty years later, someone digs them and bidding wars break out. Retro game collectors are a funny bunch. That said, I will admit that for a brief second I considered throwing down a bid for one. The town’s historical society will be auctioning off close to a thousand cartridges in the coming months, so you have some time think about whether or not you actually want to purchase these crumpled sacks of garbage priceless gaming artifacts.…

Atari Casino’s Box Art Promises Cocaine and Hookers but Fails to Deliver

There are times when I will just sit and stare at my ever-growing video game collection. Most often, I am carefully selecting a title from the shelf to spend a few hours with after a hard day’s work. Sometimes, I will just make stacks of boxes and jewel cases and sift through their various paper inserts, which are usually wrinkled and torn from decades of abuse. A few days ago, I was taking a moment to admire the collection of Atari goodies I have accumulated throughout the years, when I noticed a pile of boxes gathered in a plastic tub in the corner of my closet. They were a bunch of old Atari and Intellivision games that I had bought by the bagful for twenty-five cents apiece a few years ago and never really paid much mind to after the initial purchase.…
Fast Food

1982’s Fast Food Is Not Approved by the FDA

Fast Food might be the only video game in history where achieving morbid obesity is its primary objective. This one-of-a-kind twitch title released by obscure developer Telesys in 1982 gives you control over Mighty Mouth, whose sole objective is to eat as much food as he can. But not the purple pickles. I repeat: not the purple pickles. As food flies at Mighty Mouth at “sub-gastronomical speeds” (according to the manual), the player is allowed to move about the screen in any direction to consume as many burgers, hot dogs, and milkshakes as possible before the end of the stage. As is the case in real life, certain items contain more calories than others. The caloric champion in Fast Food is the Cheeseburger, worth a whopping (pun most definitely intended) 20 calories.…
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