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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

The 3D Platformer: How 1996 Witnessed the Birth of a Genre

In 1996, the 3D platformer was born. That’s not technically true, of course, as the first 3D platformer was almost certainly a French game called Alpha Waves that came out in 1990. But Alpha Waves failed to kickstart the 3D platformer genre, and very few people would be comfortable citing its influence on the genre. I’d even argue that it’s been largely forgotten by mainstream gaming culture. It simply came out too early and for the Atari ST, a system that few people owned. Jumping Flash! is another 3D platformer that pre-dates that 1996 mark as well. It launched for the original PlayStation in November of 1995. It too failed to make a significant mark on the genre, though it had the luxury of launching for the PlayStation so it’s better known than Alpha Waves.…
Crash Bandicoot Seattle Ad

Crash Bandicoot Gets Kicked out of Nintendo HQ in This 2-Page Ad

In the original PlayStation era, Crash Bandicoot was practically a mascot character for Sony’s new gaming machine. He was essentially to Sony what Mario was to Nintendo or Sonic the Hedgehog was to Sega (though this was sort of off-the-record; Sony and Crash never made official, and SCE’s exclusive rights to the franchise would eventually expire). If you wanted a zany mascot platformer and your console of choice was a PSOne, Crash was your man. He also starred in a series of really bizarre ads, most of which included some unremarkable-looking dude in a Crash Bandicoot costume. Sometimes he was hanging out with musclebound bodybuilders, and other times he was helping promote Pizza Hut to the lucrative gaming demographic. In the following two-page spread, he’s getting himself escorted from Nintendo of America’s Seattle headquarters. We found this ridiculous ad in the 97th issue of GamePro magazine (which is dated October of 1996).…
crash bandicoot ad

Crash Bandicoot Starred In the “Worst” Ad of 1998

In the late 90s, video game ads had a bit of a Wild West quality to them. Gaming had become a billion dollar industry, which meant that publishers were willing to pump plenty of cash into print campaigns. However, even the biggest magazines still had minimal oversight, allowing companies to run advertisements that were genuinely shocking (at least by today’s standards). Occasionally, Electronic Gaming Monthly took advantage of this lack of oversight and openly criticized a few of their advertisers. In their annually published Buyer’s Guide issue, they named the best and worst ads they’d seen that year. More often than not, the ads they called out deserved a good dressing-down. Past winners were exceptionally gross, dumb, or just plain tacky.  …
Crash Bandicoot

Remember When Crash Bandicoot Was a Shill for Pizza Hut?

On the original PlayStation, Crash Bandicoot was a gloriously goofy 3D platformer that wasn’t quite aware that the era of “mascot games” was coming to an end. What you may not remember, however, was that Crash was also used as a shill for selling stuffed crust pizza to the already obese kids of America. Keep in mind that this was an era in which Little Caesars’ Caesar dude and Dominoes’ Noid were both running amok and causing chaos on late-afternoon television commercials. Pizza Hut took the less creative route and decided that they’d rather steal someone else’s mascot than create their own. Lo and behold, the following ad survives as a testament to a cheesier time in advertising history (both literally and figuratively).…
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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
The 3D Platformer: How 1996 Witnessed the Birth of a Genre
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