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Video Review: Donkey Kong

Andy makes bad jokes and gets mad about broken arcade machines. He also discusses Nintendo’s port of the arcade classic Donkey Kong for the Nintendo Entertainment System.…
Donkey Kong

King Kong: Why Nintendo’s 1981 Arcade Blockbuster Is Still the Greatest Game Ever Made

“How high can you get?” This iconic phrase has tortured gamers for the better part of the last three decades. It seems less a challenge to the player and more a question to the game itself, as to how deeply it could permeate global pop culture. The golden age of arcade gaming is decades in the rearview mirror, but Donkey Kong has managed to maintain its relevance while most coin-op games of yesteryear have been forgotten and relegated to the basements of the dive bowling alleys. There was a time when these were far from the only sort of venues the cathode-ray tube screens illuminated, their radiant glow a comforting beacon to legions of children and adults alike, whose every quarter built the foundation for the billion-dollar gaming industry that exists today.…
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