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Super Mario Bros

The Mysterious Launch Date of Super Mario Bros. for NES

The original Super Mario Bros. dramatically shaped the gaming experience of my childhood, informing my personal ideal of what a video game should be. I imagine this is true for countless other tykes of the 1980s, and the Mario franchise is probably still influencing today’s kids as well — just in more of a cat-suit-power-up kind of way. My brother and I spent an absurd amount of time playing Super Mario Bros. as kids, competing to see who the true master was. Since I was the younger of the two, I was relegated to Luigi, endearing me to that string-bean paisano (though really, Luigi hadn’t developed into more than just a color-swapped version of Mario by that point). I can even recall the game cartridge that it shared with Duck Hunt; the label split diagonally down the middle as if to suggest that this inferior game (in my opinion) even deserved such equality in billing.…
Nintendo Entertainment System

This 1985 NES Ad Is a Nostalgia Overload

1985 was a great year for super-geeks, wasn’t it? Sure, it may have been an exceptionally cold year for a large part of the United States, but it was also year Back to the Future was initially set in, as well as the year Billy Dee Williams (Mr. Lando Calrissian himself) was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was also the year this beauty aired: Yes, in 1985 — more than two whole years after the Famicom released in Japan — the NES finally made it to American shores. You probably noticed that the advertised NES bundle includes which was compatible with a whopping two games (until 8-Bit X-Mas 2014 was released, bringing the total to three).…
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