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Half Glass Gaming 44

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 44] : Can’t Get Taste like That in the Big House

It’s been a long time coming, folks, but our Final Fantasy episode is finally here. Before we get into all that business, though, we discuss Prison Ted’s Super Subs and Mandi’s obsession with nature documentaries. She’s got a fistful of factoids straight out of the animal kingdom, and she’s dropping some mad science about panda poop and narwhal horns. After the break, we dive into the history of the original Final Fantasy game for the Famicom, and we explain how the numbering system for later games in the series got so confusing in the United States. We also dissect Final Fantasy VII to try to figure out how it changed the game, and we follow the series through the decline of Squaresoft and the emergence of Square Enix.…
final fantasy vii aeris date

Final Fantasy VII Contains a Secret Dating Sim

Final Fantasy VII has never had to struggle to get attention. From the moment it was announced, it received a steady stream of coverage in gaming magazines. Within days of its release,  it had sold more than 2 million copies. Its star, Cloud, has appeared in all kinds of games, from Ehrgeiz to Final Fantasy Tactics to Super Smash Bros. It’s had spin-offs, a movie, and even a remake. When it comes to Final Fantasy, VII dominates the conversation. But curiously, one aspect of the game has largely gone unnoticed. Although it was never advertised on the box, Final Fantasy VII actually contains some light dating sim mechanics. Cloud has the option to earn affinity points with four of the game’s characters: Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie, and Barret.…
final fantasy vii remake

The Final Fantasy VII Remake: Seven Changes We’re Looking Forward To

We here at Retrovolve have no shortage of affection for Final Fantasy VII. In fact, some of our staffers count it among their favorite games of all time. With that said, we’re totally jazzed about the upcoming remake. VII is an amazing as is, but it definitely has room for improvement. Here are a few of the things we hope we’ll see when Square Enix makes the dreams of millions of fans come true.…
Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII – Nanaki and Seto’s Story Is Kind of Haunting

Final Fantasy VII was filled with emotional moments, but there’s one scene in particular that I’ve always found especially dark and moving. It might not get brought up in FF7 conversations as often as Aeris’ death scene does, but the image of Seto’s petrified remains has always haunted me. Red XIII, or Nanaki (A.K.A. the orange tiger/wolf thing), joins your party in the Shinra labs and agrees to stick with you until you reach his village, Cosmo Canyon. At the end of your stay there, there’s a poignant scene involving Nanaki and his father Seto. Nanaki had been ashamed of his father for years, believing Seto had abandoned Cosmo Canyon in its time of need. It turns out, Seto had secretly defended the village from the attacking Gi, but he had been turned to stone by poisonous arrows during the fray.…
Final Fantasy VII

Aerith’s Death in Final Fantasy VII Still Moves Me to Tears

Whenever I hear “Aerith’s Theme” from Final Fantasy VII, I recall how much I cried when she died by the hands of Sephiroth. I didn’t expect this when I first played the game in the 90s, but who did back then? I had to take a break after she died; I was so emotionally overwhelmed that playing on didn’t seem possible. It was a few days later when I finally came back to the game. That scene unleashed a flood of emotions, and Aerith’s story moved me deeply. I was angry and wanted revenge; I was sad as well as distraught. Aerith was the light in an otherwise dark world, the hope amidst despair; she held everything together. When she first met Cloud while selling flowers in Midgar, I felt like she had known it was her destiny to join him, even if she was afraid at first.…
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