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realms of the haunting

5 More Classic Horror Games Available for Under $6 on

There’s nothing quite like a good scare. As it happens, you’re filled with a surge of adrenaline, and in the aftermath, you’re soothed by feelings of relief. Many people are addicted to the rush that fear brings, and some experts have even argued that being frightened is good for your health. If you’re a thrill-seeker who loves video games, you should find all the scares you need and more at It’s packed full of classic horror games, and many of them are available for less than six bucks a pop. Below are five examples. (For more spooky fun, check out this list of five more budget-friendly horror titles.) Realms of the Haunting Many horror aficionados think the haunted house setting is overused.…
i have no mouth and i must scream game

5 Retro Horror Games Available for Under $6 on

If you enjoy retro horror, GOG is an absolute goldmine. There massive library includes all kinds of spooky games, from point-and-click jump-fests to moody FMV adventures. Best of all, you can enjoy most of their titles even if you’ve only got a few bucks to your name. Whether you’re in the mood for cheap thrills or atmosphere, these budget-friendly titles should keep you entertained. Harvester In its earliest moments, Harvester appears to be sending you on a chilling adventure. You wake up in a strange town with no memory of who you are or how you got there. When you ask for assistance, you’re told that the only way to get the answers you desire is to join a mysterious organization called “The Lodge.”…
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