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I Have the Spirit of a Canadian

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 18] : I Have the Spirit of a Canadian

This week, Josh updates listeners on his noises-outside-his-window situation and Julian tells the world about his comedy team Sparkle Picnic (as well as his butt), which leads us to the strange little world of improv comedy, public access TV, and flagrant misuse of the word “ironic.” After the break, we dive into indie gaming. We’ve got the goods on retro indie games, including one of the strangest games all four podcast members have played, Girlfriend Construction Set. We explore the roots of indie games, from college campuses in the 1960s and 1970s to the weird beginnings of id Software. At this point, “indie” starts getting harder to define. Is Doom actually an indie game? How about No Man’s Sky? Also, religious games, Kickstarter, PS4 dev kits, Color a Dinosaur (again), the drug-induced origin of shareware, Half-Life mods, and Josh’s obsession with a Revolutionary War FPS that uses “Yankee Doodle” as its entire soundtrack.…
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