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Color a Dinosaur

The Curious Case of Color a Dinosaur

In 1992, Nintendo released Mario Paint, an art studio for the Super Nintendo. With a click of the game’s included mouse, players could draw intricate images, create custom stamps, and even animate their own cartoons. The title even included a music generator, which is used to compose tunes to this day. One year later, Virgin Games published a NES game called “Color a Dinosaur”. While Color a Dinosaur didn’t boast an elaborate tool set, it did allow users to color pictures of dinosaurs. The game was aimed at children between the ages of three and six — kids too young for the kind of sophisticated features other art programs offered. Unfortunately, those easily-confused children would’ve been better off with a coloring book.…

Werewolf The Last Warrior, The Greatest Game Of Our Time

This is a spotlight that is far overdue, especially for all fans of The Tim And Andy Show. Today I took a honored look at one of th– no The greatest game of all time: Werewolf The Last Warrior, on the NES. Combining precision controls, fluid animations, fair challenge, and an operatic storyline worthy of a series of Hollywood movies, Werewolf The Last Warrior is one of those games synonymous with the beloved NES. Watch the video below to relive your childhood and rekindle the magic that is Werewolf:…
bowser manchu

NES Cartridge Prices Are on the Rise, But That’s Not a Bad Thing

Retro gaming enthusiast site posted an article claiming we’re in a retro games bubble. The article showed some evidence (supplied by the Price Charting site) that NES cartridge prices are on the rise. The author’s perspective is that of a collector, lamenting these rising prices as a potential barrier for growing that ever-expanding retro game collection. However, these rising prices, when viewed through the lens of simple economics, seem to be evidence of a growing demand for this old stuff. And that’s a good thing. Gaming, which used to be a niche hobby enjoyed by kids and mega-nerds, has burst into the mainstream. Collecting NES cartridges is cool now. There are people who enjoy and respect the history of gaming as a medium, and seek to preserve it by amassing large collections of old school games.…
NES guitar

The Best Guitar Is an NES Guitar

As I was casually procrastinating at work today, I came across a picture on Facebook of an electric guitar made out of an NES, reposted by my friend Tyler. Now, the photo comes courtesy of (check out their Facebook page), but it made me curious as to whether this was an actual real thing or just some clever Photoshop magic. Well, after a bit of research (thanks, Google!) I found the source of the image, Apparently, these guys had created an entire series of these NES guitars and were selling them at very reasonable prices. You could choose between a maple or rosewood neck, and between humbuckers or single-coil pickups. (Necks were all refurbished, and I’m guessing it’s safe to assume the consoles were too.)…
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