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Pokemon Nintendo Power

Nintendo Power Predicted a “Pokémon Trade War” in 1998

In 1998, Nintendo Power magazine took on the monumental task of trying to explain Pokémon to its American reader base. With Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue fast approaching a September 30 North American launch date, Game Boy owners were going to need the scoop if they were to jump into a crazy new world their Japanese friends had been enjoying since 1996. After all, the West had seen nothing quite like it at this point in history. In Volume 108 (May of 1998) issue of Nintendo Power, five whole pages were dedicated to these strange little pocket monsters. While there’s a lot of good information on those pages, there are a couple points that seem kind of odd in retrospect. For example, the Poké Ball we know and love today was referred to as a Monster Ball. Now, it’s probably safe to assume Nintendo Power‘s information came from Nintendo of Japan, and Poké Balls are actually called Monster Balls in Japan.…

Gotta Graph ‘Em All

Last month we took a quick look at a graphing calculator adaptation of Super Smash Bros being made from the ground up to run on such hardware. Well as it turns out that game’s author, Hayleia, has also been working on a version of Pokemon to run on math equipment. This project looks to be a bit older, but it just blows my mind that such a thing exists. It looks pretty damn sweet too, check out these animations of the game: That’s crazy, but awesomely so. I guess it just goes to show the levels of dedication some fans have to a franchise. This hasn’t been updated in a while, and I can’t find any information as to where it’s going from here but it’s definitely worth taking a look at.…

The Tim and Andy Show: “A Bag of Tacos and Tony Danza”

In the fifth episode of their show, Tim Evans and Andy Reierson discuss the retro games that ruined their lives by sucking away all of their free time. That doesn’t mean there isn’t also time for Star Wars trailers, Tony Danza, flatulent Frogger parodies, and a bonus top ten countdown of 10-year-old Andy’s favorite NBA players. Click here to listen to the episode or direct download by right-clicking and selecting ‘Save link as…” Subscribe to The Tim and Andy Show on iTunes! Links: Star Wars Episode VII (George Lucas Special Edition) Trailer PSone 20th Annviersary PS4…
junji ito pokemon

Junji Ito Cast a Dark Shadow over the Pokémon Universe

Pokémon is primarily associated with children, but it’s always been fairly creepy. If you look beyond the brightly colored rodents and the catch-em-all gimmick, you’ll find spooky cemeteries and Pokédex entries that are downright disturbing. Nintendo has been known to conceal their dark side, but in the case of Pokémon, they opted to embrace it. In October of 2014, they asked horror mastermind Junji Ito to create a few terrifying Pokémon drawings. Ito’s Pokémon images were standalone pictures, not comics, but they still told an intriguing story. In one image, a menacing Banette who stalked behind a seemingly innocent girl. The text below explained that the Banette was once belonged to the girl, but was thrown away. Full of resentment, he tracked down its former owner and silently followed her.…

Pokémon Was Better When I Didn’t Know What I Was Doing

I love Pokémon just as much now as I did in 1998. Every time a new title is released, I play it obsessively, ignoring everything else. Every generation has had at least a handful of critters I adored. But even though my love for Pokémon is enduring, I enjoyed the game more when I didn’t understand it. In the early days, I didn’t give any thought to team building. I used my favorite Pokémon, and that was that. I steadfastly refused to evolve my starter — a Squirtle, of course — and just did some grinding if I found a gym I couldn’t get through. It didn’t matter that Pokémon like Jumpluff, Ponyta, and Teddiursa had lousy stats. They were cute, and that was all I cared about. Then online battling hit, and I realized everything I was doing was wrong.…
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Weird Games Are Good for You (and Good for Gaming)

No one fully understands why we like the things we do. Even the most beautifully crafted games have their detractors, and even bug-laden pieces of crap have fans. Sometimes, we love or loathe something for reasons that have little to do with its quality. But while the tastes of gamers aren’t an exact science, developers can make safe bets. It doesn’t matter what you think of Call of Duty, Madden, or even Pokémon. There are fans that will gobble up each new entry in the franchise. Certain IPs have reliable mainstream appeal, and will sell even if the game doesn’t live up to expectations. In an ideal world, the success of these games would give their studios the freedom to experiment.…
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Pokemon Nintendo Power
Nintendo Power Predicted a “Pokémon Trade War” in 1998