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Einstein Shadowgate

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Castle Shadowgate

1. Share and share alike. You share it, I like it. 2. Play dirty. Do not pay the troll a single gold coin. 3. Don’t hit yourself, or set yourself on fire, or hit yourself with the hammer, or jump out windows. 4. Put all the items you’ve “found” in your limitless inventory. 5. Clean up nothing. Break the mirror. Do not pass go. It was like this when you got here. 6. Take everything that isn’t nailed down, except the book in the hallway. And if you can’t take it, torch it. 7. Please apologize if you’ve inadvertently hurt and/or killed any person and/or magical creature that is not related to the completion of your quest. 8. Wash your hands after you’ve sent Cerberus back to the depths of hell.…
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