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The Voluntary Cow Extinction Movement

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 13] : The Voluntary Cow Extinction Movement

This week, we start things off with an update on our progress in Shovel Knight and The Witcher 3, dig into Fulton Extraction in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and put a nice little cherry on top of the pre-break conversation with Josh’s Snapple addiction. Real Snapple facts force us to ponder our existence, which is less comfortable than pondering the existence of No Man’s Sky, which reminds us that we wanted to talk about Minecraft. Somehow, all of this makes sense when you listen to it. In Minecraft land, Nate wanders endlessly, Julian watches the fruit of his labor burn to the ground, Josh impresses his mom, and Mandi gets struck by lightning over and over again. Plus, Minecraft cow suicide is a pressing issue.…
What's Heroic About Getting Your Finger Bitten Off?

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 12] : What’s Heroic About Getting Your Finger Bitten Off?

3/4 of the gang returns from the Minnesota Renaissance Festival with tales aplenty. We drank mead, we threw axes, and we may have run into a familiar friend. Is Pillowcase Head single now? We think so. Our Ren Fest activities lead into a discussion of The Lord of the Rings, and how the laziness of the Bard of Gondor will forever tarnish the Baggins name. Other post-Ren Fest topics include sexual attraction to fantasy tropes and Shovel Knight. Of course, Shovel Knight reminds us that a listener requested an episode on platformers, so we attempt to deliver one. Did you know that the platformer is kind of a hard genre to define once you start getting into it? Did you know there’s also a platformer-like genre called the comical action game?…
The Legend of Zelda

8-Bit Memories: A Look Back at a Simpler Time

I’ve said in the past that I hate modern gaming. I’m slowly coming to realize that that’s not technically true. What I hate is the triple-A-style shooter and the “throw every type of gameplay into the game in hopes of getting a broad demographic” thought process behind so many of them. Over the years, video games have gotten more complex, which has allowed for some amazing feats. That doesn’t always mean they’re better, though. And sometimes, you just want to sit back with something simple. There’s a certain joy in many of the old, retro-style games that’s hard to match with today’s gaming. Games like Shovel Knight and DuckTales Remastered work hard to re-create it, and they do an admirable job of it.…
Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight Is Mega Man Meets DuckTales

Shovel Knight was basically pitched to me this way: “It’s like 8-bit Mega Man meets the first NES DuckTales game.” That’s probably the most spectacular description of a video game I’ve ever heard, and it’s actually fairly accurate. Shovel Knight features the pogo-jumping mechanic from DuckTales, only with a shovel instead of Scrooge McDuck’s cane. Even if you can’t use your shovel to pogo across spikes the way Scrooge can with his cane, you can use that shovel to dig up gemstones, which is a pretty Scrooge McDuck-y thing to do. And Mega Man. The level design brings to mind some of the the Blue Bomber’s 8-bit adventures. As does the music, though that’s largely the fault of Manami Matsumae, who wrote music for Mega Man and Mega Man 10.…
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