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In 1981, Politicians Fought Against the “Space Invader” Menace

Politicians have a long history of speaking out against video games. The first Senate hearing on video game violence was held in 1993, and the debate has continued to rage on in the years since. But the most asinine, most beautifully ridiculous strike against video games occurred all the way back in 1981, before the Famicom was even a twinkle in Nintendo’s eye. On a sunny May morning, House of Commons member George Foulkes spoke out about the most dangerous menace the gaming world has ever seen: “space invader” machines. Foulkes wove Parliament a hyperbolic tale that contained a little bit of everything: sex, lies, and flagrant overuse of air quotes. He recounted anecdote after sordid anecdote in which children were forced to go to terrible lengths in order to feed their Space Invaders addiction.…
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