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The Super Mario Bros. Fragrance Collection Made Us Wonder What Bowser Smells Like

It’s hard not to be curious about the lives of your favorite video game characters. What do they do when they’re not off fighting monsters or saving the world? While old video game instruction manuals provided the occasional morsel, one of the most interesting tidbits we’ve discovered came from a little-remembered piece of merchandise: The Super Mario Bros. Fragrance Collection. Released in Japan in 2014, the collection consisted of four scents that represented four of Nintendo’s most famous characters: Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser. Most of the scents featured in the collection weren’t too surprising. The Luigi cologne had a manly musk scent, and, to the shock of no one, the Peach fragranced smelled like peaches. Mario and Bowser are where things get interesting.…
Super Mario Bros 2

5 Reasons Super Mario Bros. 2 Was Better Than Super Mario Bros. 3

I know this isn’t a popular opinion, but I actually consider Super Mario Bros. 2 to be superior to Super Mario Bros. 3. How could I enjoy Super Mario Bros. 2, the much-maligned re-skin of Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic, more than Super Mario Bros. 3, one of the most beloved video games of all time? Well, here are five reasons: 5. Freedom of Choice Super Mario Bros., as a series, has not exactly been known for having a plethora of character choices. Yet when Super Mario Bros. 2 came around, it proved that you could make character choice a genuine part of level planning. Who doesn’t remember using Toad for the desert levels, because Toad could pick up things and dig faster?…
Super Mario Bros Box Art

Mario Throws Fireballs; He Doesn’t Spit Them

In the early days of the NES, game designers had very few pixels to work with when creating character animations, so there are several instances where some of the minutia was simply lost in translation. For example, in the Super Mario Bros. series, there was a general assumption that Mario breaks bricks with his head (when he actually uses his fist). Another misconception from the same game is that Mario spits fireballs (instead of throwing them with his hand). While there is a surprising amount of people who hold this belief (here’s a GameFAQ forum post where people discuss this), it’s simply untrue. Here’s where the confusion undoubtedly first began: This is Mario throwing a fireball in the original Super Mario Bros.…
Super Mario Bros

The Mysterious Launch Date of Super Mario Bros. for NES

The original Super Mario Bros. dramatically shaped the gaming experience of my childhood, informing my personal ideal of what a video game should be. I imagine this is true for countless other tykes of the 1980s, and the Mario franchise is probably still influencing today’s kids as well — just in more of a cat-suit-power-up kind of way. My brother and I spent an absurd amount of time playing Super Mario Bros. as kids, competing to see who the true master was. Since I was the younger of the two, I was relegated to Luigi, endearing me to that string-bean paisano (though really, Luigi hadn’t developed into more than just a color-swapped version of Mario by that point). I can even recall the game cartridge that it shared with Duck Hunt; the label split diagonally down the middle as if to suggest that this inferior game (in my opinion) even deserved such equality in billing.…
Mario Graph Paper

Super Mario Bros. Levels Were Originally Sketched Out on Graph Paper

Nintendo’s prerecorded “Digital Event” at E3 2015 was a weird mix of puppetry, announcements for games that were sort of like games we wanted but not really, and the charming smiles of the always brilliant Shigeru Miyamoto. Wait, puppets? Yes, I didn’t intend for the word puppetry to be some weird, confusing metaphor; there were really puppets created by Jim Henson’s Creature Studio as a big part of the show. One of the smaller tidbits of information to drop during the presentation was a bit of insight into the process of creating 8-bit Super Mario Bros. courses (or levels), straight from Miyamoto and his good pal (and long-time designer and producer at the “House of N”) Takashi Tezuka. “Back in the day,” said Tezuka, “we had to create everything by hand.…
Super Mario Bros

Remembering Super Mario Bros.

I don’t remember how or when I got the NES, but when I did, everything changed. All of a sudden there were newfound worlds that existed inside plastic cartridges, and, to my young eyes, even the 8-bit graphics were incredible. Back then, venturing into the Mushroom Kingdom to save Princess Toadstool in Super Mario Bros. was an astounding experience. Stomping on Goombas and sending Koopaa Troopas to their doom was the stuff childhood memories are made of, and defeating Bowser at the end of each world truly felt like an accomplishment. Of course, it was always a little bit disappointing to find out the princess was in another castle, but I was relieved as well for it meant there was more to play and discover. In many ways, Super Mario Bros. …
The Super Mario Bros. Fragrance Collection Made Us Wonder What Bowser Smells Like
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