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Pac-Man with a Plumber

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 6] : Pac-Man with a Plumber

In this week’s episode of the Half-Glass Gaming podcast, we pit Tetris against Columns to determine the true champion of the strategically-dropping-things-into-a-pile genre. Things get a little ugly when Dr. Mario and Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine join the fray, but that’s just how we like things: ugly. Speaking of ugly things, we talk about the merits of graphical prowess. Fortunately, we’ve done the research, and we have a lot to say about this topic. Especially Josh. Someone probably needs to calm that guy down. Also, we have an update on the amiibo situation from Episode 3, and we show off a thoughtful gift from a listener/fan. You can send more of those our way, folks. Don’t be shy. Keep the conversation going by contacting us on Twitter.…
Final Fantasy VIII concert

Seven Retro Game Tunes You’ve Probably Never Heard

As a kid, I played my favorite games incessantly, which meant I listened to certain tracks over and over again. Just the thought of the Bubble Bobble theme makes me cringe. But while I’ve heard some video game music far too much, there are also some amazing songs I’ve barely heard at all. Sometimes, tracks are buried so far within games that it’s impossible to find them unless you know where to look. Some of them are catchy and others are just weird, but all of them are worth listening to. 1. Akumajou Dracula X68000: “Load BGM” In 1993, Konami created a Castlevania game for the The Sharp X68000, a Japan-only home computer system that required you to load games from floppy discs.…
Ace Attorney and the Tetris Effect

Jamais Vu vs. The Tetris Effect: What Makes Games Memorable?

I like to think I have a pretty good memory. I can recite scenes from Final Fantasy VI verbatim, and I know all the words to “Shoop.” But when I replay games, I almost always encounter a scene I can’t recall. I’ll remember everything that came before it, and everything that follows, but that one moment will feel completely new to me. There’s a term for this. It’s called jamais vu, and while it’s commonly associated with brain fatigue, you can experience it when you’re feeling perfectly alert. Sometimes there’s a logical explanation — like being distracted the first time you you viewed a scene — and sometimes it occurs for no reason at all. Your memories of that scene were simply buried in the depths of your brain.…
The Super Mario Bros. Fragrance Collection Made Us Wonder What Bowser Smells Like
The Minds Behind the Games
Retrovolve Reviews Books: The Minds Behind the Games by Patrick Hickey, Jr.
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
The 3D Platformer: How 1996 Witnessed the Birth of a Genre
Pokemon Nintendo Power
Nintendo Power Predicted a “Pokémon Trade War” in 1998