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Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 21] : But Worst of All Was the Unicorn

In this episode, we look back at the sheer insanity of November, 2015. Josh explains failure at NaNoWriMo and the origin of the Call of Duty franchise before the gang jumps into a pretty extensive conversation on Fallout 4. It’s first-person vs. third-person, Skyrim vs. every other Bethesda game, polyamory vs. monogamy, and Piper vs. everyone in the world besides Josh. Of course, we’ve finally acquired a few decks of Gwent cards, so we talk about that as well. Even though we’ve managed to mention The Witcher 3 in every episode of this podcast so far besides one, we still manage to dig into some new territory with Hearts of Stone, the upcoming Witcher movie, Yennefer as a hunchback, and sex atop a stuffed unicorn.…
The Witcher 3

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 1] : We’re All Pregnant with Ghosts

Here we are, with the very first episode of the Half-Glass Gaming podcast, and we’re about as excited about it as this kid is for… well, whatever it is this kid is excited about:   In our introductory episode, we pit Josh Wirtanen against Rev. Nate in a battle over which is superior: retro gaming or modern gaming. While both parties start to make good arguments, they get distracted by an informative history of nudity in video games (and on the covers of video games). Eventually, we end up jabbering about the Gwent card game from The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. Also, dinosaurs are hunted in ARK: Survival Evolved (well, not really), bad Snake impressions are unimpressive, and the drug habits of Atari developers are… well, you know.…
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