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Remastered Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Coming to PC with Multiplayer

The folks at Night Dive Studios have confirmed a remastered version of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil will be hitting PCs on March 16, 2017. This isn’t incredibly surprising, as the studio released a slightly touched up version of the original  Turok: Dinosaur Hunter on December 17, 2015, and it’s been assumed for a while now that Turok 2 would follow. But what is surprising is the addition of multiplayer. Night Dive has added a new gameplay mode called “Last Turok Standing,” which, according to a press release, will let players “battle with friends for an even more visceral gaming experience.” It sounds like a pretty standard deathmatch, but its addition is a welcome one for anybody who’s ever wanted to use Turok‘s assortment of sci-fi guns on their friends (digitally, of course). I actually spent a good deal of time with Night Dive’s remaster of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.…
Turok Dinosaur Hunter

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Tip: Use the Map Overlay as a Reticle

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter originally came out in 1997, and it shows (even in the 2015 remastered version). That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. While it lacks modern-day FPS features like ADS (aim-down-sites) and target reticles, it really nails the slick, arcadey corridor shooter thing. Admittedly, those attuned to the more user-friendly shooters of today might find the lack of reticle a bit disorienting. Thankfully, there’s a dirty technique that will make this much less frustrating. The minimap overlay (pictured below) has a yellow arrow (it looks like an upside-down V) that can be used as the same purpose. Take note that your guns still won’t be 100% accurate, but it certainly makes popping headshots a bit easier. And, in later levels where enemies soak up more bullets and ammo tends to be slightly more scarce, this can be a life saver.…
Turok Dinosaur Hunter

The Remastered Turok Game Feels Like a Rendezvous with an Old Friend

When I was growing up, I had a PlayStation and my step-brothers had a Nintendo 64. Each was hooked up to a separate TV in a separate room, so it wasn’t rare to see our collective attention split between the two. However, there were occurrences when a game would captivate all of us simultaneously, and we’d gather around a single TV, oftentimes passing a controller around and sharing our game time. Since I only lived with my step family for a little over a year, this was one of the few things the step-brothers and I actually got to do as a group. I have very fond memories of bonding over Jet Moto, Super Mario 64, and, of course, Final Fantasy VII.…
Turok Remastered

Turok Remastered Brings Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Back from 1997

Everyone’s favorite dino hunter, my main man Turok, is back for another round of FPS madness. Night Dive Studios (the same studio behind the upcoming System Shock remake) has taken the time to carefully remaster the original 1997 Turok: Dinosaur Hunter game (the PC version, not the N64 version) and put it back into the public consciousness. It’s available on GOG right now (and if you get it right now, you’ll save 20%). If you need any convincing at all, I’ve posted a gameplay trailer below. If the shot of a velociraptor holding a gigantic freaking gun doesn’t force a spontaneous purchase, than I have no idea who you even are.…
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