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Altered Beast

Brave New World Order: New Champions for a New Era

As Sega was gearing up for the launch of the Genesis, they knew they needed a killer pack-in game if they were going to have any chance of competing with rival Nintendo. As I mentioned in a previous post, the Genesis first launched in 1989 and was bundled with a port of the arcade hit Altered Beast. The game was a solid demonstration of the system’s graphical and audio capabilities and was certainly an indication as to whom Sega was marketing the system towards. It was gritty and violent, and it allowed you to transform into things like werebears and weretigers at various points in the game. Still, Altered Beast wasn’t going to sell any systems on its own merits. As fun as carving up the undead as anthropomorphic mutants was, this certainly wasn’t the flagship-type of franchise that Nintendo had built their own gaming empire upon.…
Sonic the Hedgehog

Brave New World Order: Wrestling With Hulks and Hedgehogs

The 1990s were a decade of change. This was not so much political, economic, or even industrial, but the 90s brought a widespread upheaval of pop culture norms. The overly sugarcoated hair metal bands of the decade prior disappeared when Nirvana brought their brand of raw, chaotic, honest grunge rock out of Seattle’s nightclubs and into the mainstream. A renaissance in special effects technology brought forth some of the most influential and visually-impressive action movies of all time. Television viewers began turning away from traditional sitcoms and instead tuned in to reality-based programming such as The Real World. “Hip to be square” seems to be mantra in modern times, but in the 90’s, cool was everything. Therefore, the decade was Ground Zero for some seriously bitter battles for the world’s entertainment dollars.…
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