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Resident Evil

What Weezer and Resident Evil Have in Common

Back in the 1990s, I was convinced that Weezer was the greatest band on the planet. They were such an unassuming group of guys, a collection of misfits you might bring home to take care of your pets or cook dinner for Mom, not some panty-dropping, hotel-room-trashing rock band. Just look at the cover of their breakout self-titled record and you’ll see a Rivers Cuomo who looks maybe 15, a Matt Sharp who looks like he’d gladly help you with your homework, a Brian Bell who looks like he’d silently play with TI calculators all day long, and a Patrick Wilson who looks strangely like a teenage version of Damon Lindelof. Weezer was not the self-confident sort of band you’d expect to climb the charts; they were a bunch of nerds who wrote music about hiding in their garage with their Kiss posters and their D&D paraphernalia.…
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