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Centipede: Infestation Is Exactly the Game I’ve Been Longing For

2014 was a bad year for gaming. Rather than rant about it for a half an hour, I will simply say that 2014 was the year developers appeared to stop caring. Broken games shipped almost weekly, gamers were nickle-and-dimed for underwhelming DLC, and games seemed to focus more-and-more on grandiose cinematic sequences than actual gameplay. It felt like the year that fun died. Still, I just can’t break the habit of strolling down the gaming aisle every time I go grocery shopping. 2014 was the year I left with just food more times than not. My bank account was pleased, but my persistent desire to game was not. My last re-supplying trip was different, however, and I began 2015 with one of my best gaming purchases in recent memory.…
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