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Wild Arms

Just a Friendly Reminder That Wild Arms Had One of the Best Video Game Soundtracks of All Time

One thing that often goes unnoticed in conversations about classic video games — with the exception of horror games, I suppose — is atmosphere. And Wild Arms for the PlayStation was a game drenched in it. With such a rich atmosphere, Wild Arms could jump between steampunk Western, high fantasy, and even science fiction while never compromising its identity. Part of this, of course, is its incredible soundtrack. When you fire up the game for the first time, you’re greeted with one of the most memorable RPG opening sequences of the PSOne era. From the moment your hear that whistle over the acoustic guitar riff, you know you’re in for something you won’t soon forget. And then there’s “Lone Bird in the Shire (Rudy’s Theme),” which brings the memories flooding back. The village theme, too, is just fantastic. Wild Arms won’t soon be forgotten, and that’s thanks in part to its incredible music.…
Wild Arms Rudy's Gun

Wild Arms Alter Code: F Is the Quintessential JRPG

Wild Arms Alter Code: F  is a remake of the original Wild Arms, which came out on the PlayStation in 1997. The original game is notable not only for being one of the first console RPGs released on the PlayStation, but also being a fucking bizarre Western Sci-fi Fantasy genre game. Wild Arms was the first game I got with my PSOne, and Alter Code: F for the PS2 is the first game I played to 100% completion. Like many of my PS2 games, it had been long enough since I’d played it that I’d forgotten many of the details, so I decided to replay it. Even after all these years, the story, the characters, and the gameplay still felt familiar.…
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