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Yuuyami Doori Takentai Takes a Strange Approach to Realism

Even within the boundaries of legend, people expect certain rules to be upheld. Dragons have to have six limbs, while wyverns should have four. Vampires must avoid sunlight, werewolves have to avoid silver, and zombies need to be separated from their head. Some claim that these rules help to make fictional concepts more believable. Without them, it’d be impossible to suspend disbelief. But when you examine the stories behind most legends, concrete rules are hard to come by. In their earliest depictions, harpies were described as personified storm winds. Later on, Greek poets romanticized them, describing harpies as beautiful maidens with majestic wings. Other writers moved away from this portrayal, making the harpies more and more monstrous. By the time Jason and his Argonauts encountered these creatures, they were disgusting, razor-clawed beings who could easily ruin any man’s appetite. Yuuyami Doori Takentai, an obscure horror game released exclusively in Japan in 1999, strives for realism in every aspect.…
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