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The Tim and Andy Show: “Mars, The Detroit of Space”


We’re bidding farewell to Retrovolve by getting angry at Nintendo (again), mocking Square Enix, and counting down the best ten DOS platformers. Find out why I’m promoting underage tobacco use and so much more in this final episode of The Tim and Andy Show! Thanks to all that have supported the show! We hope to see you at our new home. Stay classic!

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Intro – 0:00
News – 7:54
The Import Report – 1:36:01
Stella Obscura – 1:39:29
Top Ten DOS Platformers – 1:52:05
Top Ten results and farewell – 3:15:55

Skrillex working on soundtrack for new Tron game
Why don’t kids love Sonic?
Who is taking care of gaming history?
Resogun developer and Eugene Jarvis collaborating on new game
Atari 7800 Toki Prototype
The iconic art of Final Fantasy
Metroid Prime 
compared to Citizen Kane
Square Enix looking for ideas for crappy old franchises
Doom mod adds selfie sticks
Tony Hawk teases new THPS with a stupid poem
Oceanhorn trailer
The PlayStation goes to Pluto
The NES was so rare, you could only get it in two cities
Persona/Seinfeld mashup
ClickHole’s text adventure
Tim Schafer sticks up for Peter Molyneux
3D printing and pinball restoration
Sony guy rips Sega
Old Kirby cartoon unknowingly satirizes Amiibos
Andy plays Gears of War Judgment
Werewolf: The Last Warrior 

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